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The "Career Ready" Award at Our Career Center

Every month each program of study will be recognizing students from our 7 comprehensive high schools that demonstrate qualities that make them "Career Ready". These traits range from having great work ethic to adapting and demonstrating resiliency when facing a difficult task.

Our students are chosen by the instructor of their respective program and their certificate is presented in front of their peers. This is such an exciting opportunity for our students to cheer one another on and motivate each other to exceed expectations. We ask that you celebrate your kiddos on campus as well!


Our Career Center

Ysleta ISD Scores Highest in College, Career Readiness

Congratulations to #THEDISTRICT for scoring highest in college and career readiness amongst El Paso's 3 largest districts. We are #TheDistrictOfChamp1ons!! Click the link below to learn more!

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Fun with Audio Video Production

With the aid of two cameras and a little production magic, Media Tech students had a little fun compositing video by combining the faces of two students into one. Lots of laughs and giggles while learning a new production trick!
The "Career Ready Award" Recipients

Every month Our Career Center will be awarding students that have been nominated by their instructors for their excellence in the classroom and demonstrating the skills to succeed in the work force. We are so proud of our our recipients! GREAT JOB!!


Ryder continues to serve as a partner in education for Our Career Center! We are excited to continue our partnership once the Bond Project 1907 commences!

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Auto-Collision Repair and Refinishing

Our Very Own SUV's from #THEDISTRICT can be serviced any time at any of our automotive programs. Our students are ready and willing to assist!

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Auto-Technology Team Building

Our Auto-Technology Kiddos Assembled Their Own Tool Carts this Week that Were Purchased from Home Depot. Life Skills and Team Work are a Big Part of Winning at Life and Our Students Stay Winning Every Day at Our Career Center.

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Our Career Center "Instructional Focus"

This week our Instructional Focus for walkthroughs will be geared towards designing aligned lessons with state standards and industry certifications. As one of the 13 indicators in Our Future for Encore 2025, we understand the importance of supporting deeper learning, effective effort and persistence.

TTESS Dimensions:

1. Monitor and Adjust (2.5); and

2. Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures (3.1).

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Career Center Conversations: Join Us Every Tuesday!

Below you will find some examples of our "Career Centered Conversations." This is a question posted every Tuesday evening relative to our "Article of the Week". Our instructors engage by replying below the posted tweet. Join Us on Twitter, Tuesdays!

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Sharpen Your Soft Skills: Great TED Talk Listed Below!

More than 1 million jobs will be changed due to automation and technology. Now more than ever, the importance of soft skills in the job market is at an all time prepared are we for a shift in communication?

Mr. Emanuel Iglesias, Architectural Design and Engineering Instructor

Mr. Iglesias graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor 's degree in Architecture. He worked at Lucero Melendez Architects for 4 years. There is where he learned the basic fundamentals of Architecture. He later worked 4 and a half years at Carl Daniel's Architects. At this firm Mr. Iglesias became a project manager and was able to design several buildings around town. During this time he designed over 10 buildings while working as a part timer with a Free Lance Architect doing remodels and new buildings as well. A year and a half ago he started my own company called EI Studios. Mr. Iglesias just finished two restaurants, a warehouse and currently has two projects in the works. All pieology's and pokeworks in El Paso have been designed by him!. He will continue to work on his company to stay up to date with the industry standards and transfer that information to his students. He is currently completing his first year in teaching on December 1st.