@Mitchell Road Christian Academy


Spirit Week 2013 begins Monday, January 28th and concludes on Friday, February 1st. The theme this year is “Let’s Make a Difference.” Fifth through eighth grade students will be challenged to make a difference in the world, locally, and at our school and will collect money (loose change and yes, dollars and checks are ok, too) to sponsor students at Christian schools in Guatemala. Over the past few years, through these monies, the middle school has supported several students – allowing them to attend a Christian school in their community. Students will be collecting money for missions with the idea that we can make a difference in the world by supporting Christian education in foreign countries.


Middle School Events

Trivia, Games, and Friendly Competitions
Middle school homebases will also earn points for daily competitions. The homebase with the most points at the end of the week will receive a no uniform week; the 2nd place homebase will receive 3 days of no uniform. Prizes will be awarded by quads.

Monday: Nerds and Preps Day
Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: Favorite Sport or Team Day
Thursday: Duck Dynasty Day
Friday: MRCA Spirit Day

Elementary School Events

Monday: Cards to Players Day
Tuesday: Find the Eagle Day
Wednesday: Favorite Sport or Team Day
Thursday: Hats and Shades Day
Friday: Red, White, and Blue Day