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Volume 7, Issue 12 -------------Nov. 17, 2014

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. -- Zig Ziglar

Honoring American Veterans...

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Upcoming Week At Gattis...

Nov. 17-21

Scanning for 4th Grade Writing Prompts - November 17 (after training)- Dec 5


  • 8:00 Teacher conference
  • 8:00 PDAS (Lucas)
  • 8:55 PDAS (Lucas)
  • 9:00 PDAS (Carley)
  • 12:30 5th grade meeting
  • 1:00 Watch Dog Dad meeting
  • 1:45 Annual ARD
  • 3:05 Staffing


  • 8:00 Vertical Leadership Team - Jennifer off campus all day
  • 3:05 Leadership Team Meeting
  • 6:30 Family Math Night


  • AP Meeting - LaWanda off campus am only
  • 11:45 PDAS (Lucas)
  • 1:45 ARD
  • 3:05 Team Time - share Leadership information


  • PBL Training - LaWanda off campus all day
  • PDAS (Lucas)


  • Morning Assembly
  • Code of Conduct Meeting - LaWanda off campus am only
  • SSTs all grades - see detailed email from grade level representative
  • Last day of classes before Thanksgiving Break!

Coming up soon!

  • Nov. 14 Student Treasure Packets due to LaWanda
  • Nov. 18 3-5 grades due date for progress report grades (mid 2nd grading period)
  • Nov. 18 Thanksgiving Meal
  • Nov. 18 Family Math Night
  • Nov. 18 Leadership Team Meeting
  • Nov. 20 Dual Language Social
  • Nov. 21 12:00 3rd Cedar Ridge Children's Theater
  • Nov. 24-28 Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Dec. 2 3rd grade science CBA 12:00
  • Dec. 2 6:30-7:30 Science Night
  • Dec. 3 Early Release/GLLC professional development
  • Dec. 3 5th grade science CBA
  • Dec. 4 3rd grade reading CBA 12:00
  • Dec. 5 5th grade reading CBA
  • Dec. 8 Gomez & Gomez walkthroughs for Dual Language classrooms
  • Dec. 9 6:30 PTA meeting 5th grade program
  • Dec. 10 Extended Planning 5th and 1st grades
  • Dec. 11 3rd grade math CBA 12:00
  • Dec. 11 5th grade math CBA
  • Dec. 11 Extended Planning K & 3rd grade
  • Dec. 12 Extended Planning 2nd & 4th grades
  • Dec. 16 Leadership Meeting
  • Dec. 18 End of 2nd grading period
  • Dec. 19 No school for students/ Teacher Prep Day
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November Happy Birthdays!

10 Lisa Melson & Carolyn Slavin

11 Christinne Etheredge & Tammy Garcia

12 Robin Foerster

14 Hilary Korf

15 Susie Marek

27 Lexey Krause

29 Tricia Vasquez

30 Laura Boehler

Intercom Response

Teachers, please have a brief conversation with students about campus expectations when the office calls into the classroom. The "beep, beep, beep" that sounds should signal students to be quiet so you, as the teacher, can hear and respond to the message. Students should not answer the message or respond to , but should stay silent so you can answer. It is also inappropriate for students to yell out their thoughts about the message.

Ecampus Info for Math and Science GLLCs on Dec. 3 - Register now for these sessions!

More info to come about ELA sessions!


4745.28416 - Teaching & Learning K Grade Math GLLC 2 hour class

4745.28417 - Teaching & Learning 1st Grade Math GLLC 2 hour class

4745.28418 - Teaching & Learning 2nd Grade Math GLLC 2 hour class

4745.28258 - Teaching & Learning 3rd Grade Math GLLC 2 hour class

4745.28421 - Teaching & Learning 4th Grade Math GLLC 2 hour class

4745.28420 - Teaching & Learning 5th Grade Math GLLC 2 hour class


K - Great Oaks LibraryUses of Earth's ResourcesTEKS K.7C Unit 84745.28431

1st grade -Old Town Library The Natural World: Earth's Materials (Soil) TEKS 1.7ABC Unit 84745.28432

2nd grade - Caldwell Heights LibraryPatterns in the Sky TEKS 2.8D Unit 84745.28433

3rd grade - Pond Springs Library Survival of Organisms in their Environment TEKS 3.9A/3.10A Unit 64745.28434

4th grade - Fern Bluff LibraryTraits, Behaviors and Adaptations TEKS 4.10AB Unit 104745.28435

5th grade - Jollyville LibraryOur Solar System TEKS 5.8C Unit 7 4745.28436

Gattis is live on Facebook!

Be sure to "like" our campus facebook page! Share our page with parents via your newsletters too. Data is being collected on our activity and we want to increase our visibility in the community! Let me know if you have something you would like to have posted on FB and we can consider it. Posting with pictures tend to increase our FB traffic.

Partners in Education

Please remember to use this link throughout the year to record any donors and partnerships. If you have guest speakers to your classroom or gradelevel, record the activity. Guest speakers would be recorded as partners. Recording this information is an important piece of our accountability.
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