Principal's Newsletter

A Cunniff West Roadmap & Guide

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Cunniff faculty and staff gathered last Thursday afternoon for our first visit as a group to the new building.

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Safety Protocols to Follow

Dear Cunniff Families,

As we prepare for the opening of school on September 8, I would like everyone to become familiar with the Cunniff West building and the rules that will be in place for the arrival and departure of students. For the families that are returning to Cunniff West, this will be a review. For families transitioning from virtual school or new to Cunniff, it will be a useful guide. It is important that we all understand, familiarize ourselves with, and follow these safety practices for the five weeks that we are at Cunniff West. I have outlined the important information below and slideshows with additional details have been added. Please read and take some time to also go over this information with your child/children attending Cunniff West.

Many thanks!


A Tour of Cunniff West

Please view this slideshow with your Cunniff West students so that they are also familiar with the school.

Indoor Mask Mandate

There is an indoor mask mandate in place. All faculty, staff, and students are required to wear a mask inside of Cunniff West. Snack breaks and lunch will take place outdoors, weather permitting. Masks will not be worn outdoors.

Safety Protocols for Arrival and Departure

The interior and exterior of Cunniff West are unfamiliar to entering Kindergarteners, and students that are new to the school. It is important that each of us adhere to the guidelines without making exceptions for any of the following:

  1. There is absolutely no entry into the parking lot for the purpose of parking in the lot from 8:000 - 2:30.
  2. The Drop and Go route will be used for caregivers driving students to school. Please see below for additional details regarding this process.
  3. Students should not be allowed to walk across the interior of the parking lot in order to get to the side entrance.
  4. All students must use the sidewalk to access either the side entrance door or the main entrance door.
  5. Locations for family members to wait for students are the island that divides the lot and the Main Street sidewalk in front of the school.
  6. Parents are not allowed to pull into the lot at dismissal time. The only vehicle that will be allowed is the school bus.

Parking Restrictions

While at Cunniff West, we will be using the parking lot for physical education class. We will all need to park on nearby streets. However, there are some restrictions. Please see below.
Parking Restrictions

Please note the streets that are off-limits for parking.

Meet the Crossing Guards

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Working with Our Crossing Guards

I have been working with Officer Ann Frassica from the Waltham Police Department. Ann has scheduled three crossing guards that will be supporting us with the arrival and departure of students to Cunniff West. Meet Mr. Donnie Sheck and Mr. Kevin Devoe, Each of the crossing guards has been made aware of the rules we will follow. The positions they will cover are the Warren and Main Street crossing, the parking lot entrance, and the parking lot exit. Several staff members will be assigned to support them as we manage the safe arrival and departure of students each day. A third crossing guard will be placed at the Warren Street crossing.

Goal of Entrance and Dismissal Duty

We want this to be a positive experience for each student. Our goal is to manage this process so that all students are ready for the 8:15 morning meeting with their teacher and classmates. Please help by following the protocols outlined in this document so that we can accomplish all of the above.

Students Walking to Cunniff West - Sidewalk Coverage

Both Crossing Guards will be managing the flow of traffic on Main Street and as cars exit the parking lot. Students walking to school should not cross into the parking lot as a cut-through. Students and parents/guardians walking will need to continue along the sidewalk. If the student is in grades 1-5, s/he will cross the parking lot exit and turn right. The student will proceed down to the side entrance. If the student is a Kindergartener, s/he will proceed to the main entrance path. Signs will be posted for parents/guardians/students to follow. Teachers will be on duty at both entry points.

Kindergarten Entrance and Exit

The Main Entrance path area will be used exclusively by Kindergarten students. Students should line up along the marked spaces and beginning at 8:05, they will be escorted into the building. Once inside the building, they will be greeted by a teacher on duty at the base of the stairwell to the second floor.

Side Door - Parking Lot Entrance

This entrance will be used by students in grades 1-5 who are walking to school, being dropped off by a caretaker by car, or arriving via school bus. Teachers will be on duty at this location and will direct students into the building as they arrive.


For the duration that we are at Cunniff West, we will use a staggered dismissal schedule.

Kindergarteners and grade 1 will be dismissed at 2:20, grades 2-3 at 2:25, and grades 4-5 at 2:30.

Caretakers picking up Kindergarten students will wait on either side of the sidewalk that leads to the main entrance pathway. Caretakers picking up students in grades 1-5 will wait in the island area (grass covered) of the parking lot. Please see the photos below.

Classroom teachers will be escorting students to the exact location that students used for entry. Teachers will come up with a signal that students will give when they see their caretaker.

Students taking the bus in grades 1-5 should have a bus pass and will be guided to the appropriate bus. Students in Kindergarten taking the bus will exit the main entrance door with their classmates. They will be escorted to the bus by following the sidewalk path and turning left heading to the side entrance where the buses will be parked.

Dress for the Weather

A reminder to dress for the weather as coverage will not be impacted by rain or sunshine.

Principal's Question and Answer Session

A reminder that I will be hosting an hour-long question and answer session tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM.