RES Staff Update

April 23-27, 2018

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Please be sure you have read through all of this important information.

Staff Meeting

Our next staff meeting is Thursday. All teachers should arrive at 7:35 if you are wanting to grab breakfast. Teachers and admin will meet at 7:40. Paras may arrive at 7:55 to grab breakfast and should join in at 8:00. All of this will take place in the library.

Staffing Decisions for 2018-2019

Courtney, Carrie and I will finalize staffing placements for next year and communicate this by the end of this week. Thank you to everyone for completing the preference form. If you are changing placements, you will be notified privately before I share this with the entire staff. We appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding that we have to do what is best for our campus, which sometimes means changes.

Calendar Updates

Monday, April 23: Kelli B. @ IS meeting

Tuesday, April 24: Knight @ meeting

Thursday, April 26: Courtney, Carrie and I will be leaving early to be at the Career Fair at the Berry Center.

Wednesday, May 9: Grade Level Meetings to discuss grouping cards for homeroom classes next year

Thursday, May 17: Staff Social @ Murdoch's after school

Monday, May 21: Pink and blue grouping cards due and Retirement Party for Gloria Bright, our custodian after school

Monday, May 23: Kelli B. @ IS meeting

Thursday, May 24: Last day for lunch visitors

Field Days

A long, but very important email went out through School Messenger. It is so very important that you read this email from top to bottom. Safety is our priority for all students, and it is critical that all staff follow the procedures outlined in the email. Thank you!

Our Why

Take a moment to watch some of these incredible "golden buzzer moments" of kids. I believe there is a strong message in each story. It made me think of my why--our kids--and why we do what we do. Let's all remember the impact we have on our students today and for their future! The power of our words is somewhat like the "golden buzzer".

Robison Alumni Scholarship

Thank you to Rita Healy, Roshunda Knight, Veronica Sims, and Courtney Nespeca for helping to make the very difficult decision of who to honor for this scholarship. Students are able to bring in donations this week to help support our scholarship fund. Please ask your students if anyone has money, and then turn this in daily to Sally. We are also letting the students sign the banners that are displayed in the front hallway. They may sign each of the banners regardless of the size of their donation. These banners are being displayed in the front in hopes of reminding parents of this opportunity when they come to field days next week. We are planning to honor at least one winner; however, we would love to honor 3 graduates. We were able to do this last year. Please help to publicize this to the parents and your students. We welcome contributions from the staff as well.

Each of the 35 applicants completed a form and wrote an essay. Many mentioned previous teachers at Robison. Know that you are making a life-lasting impact on your students. Once the winner is announced at the Cy-Woods awards assembly, I will then share the name and the essay with you.

E-Track (Round 2)

Slideshows and selection sheets will be ready Tuesday morning so that students can view their choices and make their selections. Notice the short time period for doing so. Teachers, please remind students to notice the number of students that can be accommodated in each group. They might want to think about this when selecting their top choices.

Timeline for E-Track

April 24-25: Students select courses, and selection sheets are given to Kelly

April 30: Classroom rosters completed

May 2: First e-track class

May 9: E-track class #2

May 23: E-track class #3

May 24: E-track class #4

April is Staff Appreciation Month at Robison. Each Monday you will be treated to something special because we really believe that your are bar none! We are excited to celebrate each of you!

We hope you are looking forward to the salad bar tomorrow. There will also be homemade #barcookies for dessert!

Our Staff is #BARnone!

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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for your dedication to our students. This is such a busy time of year and will continue to be. Thank you for the purposeful planning and for being here each day to support our kids.

Thank you for our teachers who have taken Saturdays to attend STAAR training and for coming back and implementing this new learning.

Thank you to our p.e. coaches who have been diligently planning field days for this week. The students have learned how each of the events worked while in p.e. so their field days will run smoothly.

Thank you to all teachers for reaching out to your parents to make sure your students have drinks for field day.

Supporting Our Students on the Bus

Courtney recently sent out a link to a sign-up genius for teachers to ride the bus in the afternoon with the students. We've done this in the past, and the students AND bus drivers love this. This is a great way for us to connect with our students while recognizing them for BLAST behavior on the bus. Our discipline data supports the need for doing this, so please consider signing up for a day or two on the link below. Thank you!!

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Staff Dress for This Week

Monday-Jeans with your choice of shirt (Staff Appreciation Day)

Tuesday-Team Shirt Tuesday with jeans

Wednesday-Professional Dress or #winner shirt with jeans

Thursday-2018 Superintendent's Fun Run Shirt with Jeans or Professional Dress

Friday-College shirts with jeans or Robison Spirit Shirt with jeans

You may dress for field days on your grade level's day--field day t-shirt with jeans or shorts (appropriate length).

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Professional Development Opportunities

Are you interested in growing your knowledge in the area of technology and teaching strategies? This summer, our cluster is looking to hold an EduConference at one of our campuses to provide you the opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge on a technology-related topic, please let me know.

Some of you are familiar with Seesaw, the app that teachers can use to digitally store student work. Here is a link to the app if you are not familiar:

If you haven't considered being a Seesaw ambassador, check this out:

Being an ambassador allows you to use the premium features for free and affords you the opportunity to collaborate with other ambassadors.

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#catchthespirit #robisonspirit

Stay Informed

Be sure to regularly check the RES Hub (in Google classroom) for updates such as minutes from meetings. I will also try to send out "announcements" to let you know when these have been posted.

Here is the link to the hub:


The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.