Lexi Rankin


A medical practitioner specializing in children and their diseases.


Required education to become a pediatrician includes;
  • 4 years of Undergraduate/Bachelors
  • 4 years of Medical school
  • 3 years of Residency
Undergraduate- undergraduate course of study that nominally takes 3-5 years to earn.
Medical School- A graduate school offering study leading to a medical degree.
Residency- a period of advanced training in a medical specialty that normally follows graduation from medical school and licensing to practice medicine.

Where can you get this education?
  • University of Florida
  • University of South Florida
  • University of California-Davis
  • New York University
  • University of Arizona


Cost of education to become a pediatrician;
Say I am going to University of Southern Florida, One year out of state tuition is $22,203. This for 4 years (to get my bachelors degree) is $88,812. And that's just for tuition.. you also have to include textbooks, living arrangements, and food. In medical school cost you can find in this link;
This link can also show some of the costs of this education;

Work Environment

Pediatricians work mainly in indoor places that are lit and comfortable. 40 % practiced in a suburban environment in 2010. 10% worked in rural setting, while 22 and 29% respectively worked in either the inner city or an urban, non-inner city environment.


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For the state of Texas the hourly pay is $85.26 and the average annual is $177,340. The average annual pa for a pediatrician in the United states is $88,003-$195,220.


The following equipment/requirements are required in any hospital no matter the size of the hospital.
  • single or double occupancy rooms that comply with guidelines for prevention of nonsocomial infections and that are large enough to accommodate parents
  • Location of beds to allow for observation and supervision of patients by nursing staff
  • covered electrical outlets, appropriate window locks and door latches, padding of all sharp edges, and nonslip, easily maintained floor coverings
  • Air, Oxygen, suction equipment, and electrical outlets at each bed, with access to the hospital emergency power system
  • Age appropriate furniture
  • Cribs equipped with safe overhead restraints and beds with covers on mechanical or electrical controls
  • Area set aside for play, entertainment, education, and other child life activities.
  • Treatment room for patient assessment and procedures
  • Resuscitation cart containing readily accessible, easily identifiable, necessary weight or length appropriate emergency drugs and resuscitation equipment with easily readable lists of pediatric drug dosages
  • Defibrillator designed for pediatric use with paddles for infants and children and easily readable chart indicating joule dosages
  • Scales and stadiometer for infants and older children
  • Thermometers and blood pressure measuring device with a complete selection of cuffs appropriate for the full spectrum of pediatric patients
  • Cardiorepiratory monitors
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Papoose board for immobilization of infants toddlers
  • Backboard for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Portable lamps for emergency bedside procedures
  • Motor driven neutralizers and electric suction machines if no suction wall units are available
  • Twenty four hour access to an electrocardiograph machine
  • Intravenous, phlebotomy, and lumbar puncture trays appropriate for children
  • wheelchairs, crutches, slings, and splints for all pediatric age groups


Employment estimate: 30,890
Employment RSE 3.8%
Mean Hourly Wage: $81.98
Mean annual wage: $170,530
Wage RSE: 1.4%

Why I chose this Career...

As I grew up and found out about cancer and how it could effect children and that there were many more diseases that children need help fighting off. I'm good with the elderly but I love children and kids. I'm not the person that wants to have 7 kids, I'm the person that wants help the kids that are already on the earth and need medical attention before bringing in more kids. The way I think is that if more and more people could help with children or even the medical industry we could find cures for many diseases and extend or research within those specific diseases or problems within health of children. Children are supposed to grow up and explore the world and learn from there mistakes. But if they are in a hospital 24/7 they cant live life, so I want to help put them along their journey of life with no setbacks.