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Dear Families,

The news from the provincial government, that we are not going back to in person school, was not what we wanted to hear! We know that there are strong feelings surrounding the decision to have students continue to learn remotely until the end of the school year. Our Staff will continue to work hard to provide students with the best possible end to the school year, and will continue to plan lessons that are responsive to the students' needs, and accessible to families.

Please continue to encourage your children to check in and see their friends and teachers, and to engage in learning to the best of their ability. Keep teachers posted if you are providing your children with longer breaks during the instructional day. Please, let us know how we can support your family through this challenging time.

We also know that the discovery of 215 Indigenous children's remains at the residential school in B.C. had a profound impact on our staff and school community. Teachers are taking time, in age appropriate ways, to acknowledge and discuss this tragic news: we will continue to listen and learn from our Indigenous community, to teach our students about the contributions (past and present) and culture of Indigenous peoples, to discuss and reflect upon our country's history, and to take meaningful steps along the path towards Truth and Reconciliation.

On Wednesday, June 16th, we will celebrate our amazing grade 8s in a LIVE virtual celebration at 6:00. An event invitation with the microsoft teams link will be sent to families so they can log on and celebrate! We wish them all a happy graduation day!

We will also set up times for families to pick up their children's belongings, drop off the borrowed technology and say good bye to their teachers! See the article in the newsletter!

Yours in education,

Mrs. Duncan - Principal

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Mrs. Mills is Retiring!

We are so sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Mills!

She has been a member of the Elginburg team for twenty one years! She is always a favourite teacher for children because she makes learning fun! Her art activities are epic and children keep the art they create in her class for ever!

Mrs. Mills is going to miss her students and creating art with them. Next year, she plans to relax, paint, kayak and run! We hope we can get her back at Elginburg as a special guest artist!

Good luck on your future adventures! You will be missed!


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Friday's Spirit Day is FANCY!

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The 2021-2022 School Year

Here is our tentative school organization for September. Please remember that this plan is based on how many students we predict will be in each grade but it doesn't always work out that way in September. Keep in mind we often have to shuffle students mid September.

Students will not find out who their teacher will be until September.

We are thrilled to share the follow positions:

Junior/Senior Kindergarten - Ms. Wood & Ms. Hasler

Junior/Senior Kindergarten - Ms. Girard & Ms. Provost

Grade 1 - Ms. Koss

Grade 1/2 - Ms. Burns

Grade 2/3 - Ms. MacKinnon (PM) and TBD (AM)

Grade 3 - Ms. Guild

Grade 4 - Ms. Riley-Heyman

Grade 5 - Ms. Seiveright

Grade 6 - Ms. Rankine

Grade 6/7 - Ms. Gillott

Grade 7/8 - Mr. Bush

French - Mme Furst

French - M LeBlanc

Preparation Time Coverage - Ms. Kennedy

Student Support Teacher and Preparation Time Coverage - Ms. Larochelle

Educational Assistants: Unknown at this time

Belonging Pick Up and Device Drop Off

We are excited to give everyone an opportunity to say good bye to their teacher, pick up their belongings and drop off their device!

Each teacher was given a half day for their class to stop by. Each class will have a 3 hour drop in time during the last week of school. Your child's teacher will send you their information some time this week.

When you come to the school, we remind you to bring...

  • the device you borrowed
  • the cord and/or charger you borrowed
  • math manipulatives you used
  • books you borrowed
  • other items your teacher lent you

Teachers will be set up on the front or back lawn. They will have your child's belongings bagged up for them so it is a quick stop! If you can't make it at the time you were assigned please contact your child's teacher to work something out. We realize having a 3 hour window doesn't work well when you are at work!

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Parenting During a Pandemic is Hard! Here is a workshop you might be interested in...

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Oour "Welcome to Kindergarten" video was sent to our incoming Junior Kindergarten students at the end of May! We can't wait to welcome our newest EAGLES! If you know of anyone who hasn't registered please give them a tap on the shoulder and send them our way! Our school is growing and thriving!

Are you Moving?

If your student will not be attending Elginburg this fall please advise the school at your earliest convenience. Please provide the student(s) name, and grade and indicate what new school they are moving to. The new school will reach out to us to obtain students records.

If you are moving to another Limestone school, please contact us if the student’s address and/or contact information has changed. It is important that we have up-to-date contact information in our system prior to transferring information to the student’s future school. If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Student Absence

If you child is going to be absent from school, please use the School Messenger App to create their absence. Don't forget to click on the reason. :)

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 11 - Fancy Spirit Day

Friday, June 18 - School Colours Spirit Day

Thursday, June 24 - Last Day of School/Post a picture of yourself outside celebrating!