DLC Monthly Update

January 2016

Heather K. Gonzalez- Your Digital Learning Coach

Ronnow ES Schedule

  • Monday, January 4th 8:00am-11:15am
  • Monday, January 11th 8:00am-11:15am
  • Monday, January 18th- No School, MLK, Jr. Day
  • Monday, January 25th 11:30am- 3:15pm

Ed Tech Tool of the Month


Padlet is a free, online "virtual wall" tool where users can express thoughts on topics of their choice. It's like a piece of paper, but on the Web.

Ways to Incorporate Padlet in your Classroom:

  • Book Reviews: For classrooms reading specific titles, Padlet offers a great venue for students to share thoughts. Young people can highlight favorite quotes, ask questions, discuss characters and more. Teachers can then take the page and present it in class to spark continued face-to-face discussion.

  • Topic Summary: Useful for any subject from math to earth science, Padlet can help teachers and students summarize a large amount of information and present it in a visually pleasing way. Educators and students can put in text, photos, graphs, and other learning tools and share the image before a big test or discussion.

  • Feedback/Evaluation: Padlet can be a great way for students to provide useful feedback about how well they are understanding the content. Teachers can pose a question and have students evaluate their own understanding about the topic.

  • Classroom Portfolio: Useful for displaying student work for parents and administrators to see. Upload documents, pictures, video, and/or audio to showcase student progress and achievements.

How Other Teachers are Using Padlet

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