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Stagecoach Elementary

Week of November 16th - 20th

Wow, I can not believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Just think, when we come back after fall break, there will only be three weeks before Christmas break. Where did this year go? I am truly blessed every single day that I get to work with your student! From my family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

G/T Challenge: Fun Idea for Thanksgiving!

Get your cameras ready and try to re-create this famous Thanksgiving painting at your Thanksgiving table. If you are able to pull it off, send me your pictures and I will share them with our G/T family. It will be fun but NO PRESSURE if you forget or can't pull it off.

I want you to learn about an American painter on this very special American holiday. Click on https://www.awesomestories.com/asset/view/Norman-Rockwell-Freedom-from-Want to learn more about the painting and the artist that created it.

Christmas for Kids - Toy Drive

The G/T students are the sponsors of the toy collection here at Stagecoach Elementary. I hope that my students will learn that we can help families and children in the surrounding areas with all of the donations collected going to the "Cabot Christmas Alliance." The drive began Monday and will end on Friday, December 11th. You and your child can help us by bringing a new toy, board game, sports ball, a pair of gloves, hair or nail accessories, baby items, etc. The items collected will be distributed to various age groups from babies up to teenagers. We want to help as much as we can. Your help is really appreciated!

K Kids Food Drive

K Kids will be collecting food for our food pantry here at Stagecoach this week. They are asking grades for specific items. The items are as follows:

Kindergarten - cereal, oatmeal
First grade - soups, Spaghetti O's, Ramen noodles
Second grade - mac & cheese, saltine crackers
Third Grade - tuna, Vienna sausages, cans of fruit
Fourth Grade - peanut butter, pop tarts

ComArts Academy Field Experience

Last Friday, 4th grade G/T students from across the district had an amazing field experience at Harding University! The professors and students at the University made this an incredible learning adventure for all of us. We got to see first hand how drones work, go behind the scenes in all areas of the theater department, radio station, and TV station, as well as learn about student publications (the First Amendment - they did a quick writing on what freedom meant to them). They sang The Carol of the Bells with the University choir which sounded beautiful. The day was complete when the students got to eat in the campus cafeteria in what we called our own Stagecoach G/T 'family' non-traditional, Thanksgiving meal together. What an awesome day!

What we are learning/doing:


2nd Grade: Discovering Our National Parks: Students are completing their research on their individually chosen national park.

3rd & 4th Grade: Students should be completing taking their simple notes 2-3 words (not plagiarizing). They will only have 1 more week in class to research before Christmas because it will take them 2 weeks to get their clues fixed and ready for "Night of the Notables." I have advised students that if they still need information, then they need to come for free flow or work on it at home. Remember everyone should be finished with researching by Christmas break.


2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade: Each student is working and progressing in Khan Academy. Students can see their progress and work at their own pace. I am right there to teach different strategies to them if they still don't understand after watching the video, or if I see students struggling on a skill, I will pull them over to the side and do a small lesson on the skill. Students are to work their way through 3 or more activities each math session.


2nd Grade & 3rd Grade: Students will participate in a Social-Emotional lesson about Being Thankful. If time permits for 3rd graders, we will have a "Go Green" mini lesson for the holidays.

4th Grade: Students will go over the Quiz Bowl rules/guidelines and begin practicing with the lock-out buzzer system.

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Fun

**If your child brings me the answers to the following trivia questions, they will receive a small reward.

1. How fast can wild turkeys run? _____ mph

2. What does the term "cornucopia" mean? ____________

3. How high must a cranberry bounce before it is harvested? _____ inches

4. Approximately how many feathers does a mature turkey have? ________

Upcoming Events

This Week:

Thursday - Picture Retakes

Thursday - Fall Hoedown 5:30-7:00

K Kids food drive - all week

"Christmas for Kids" Toy Drive - all week

Looking Ahead:

November 16th-December 11th - "Christmas for Kids" toy drive continues

November 23rd-27th - Fall Break

Thursday, December 10th - Family Night/3rd Grade Music Program & "Night of the Notables"

Friday, December 18th - Last day of 2nd Nine Weeks

Monday, January 4, 2016 - Return to school

Here are some great movies that the whole family can watch and enjoy together during the Fall Break about gifted children: "Little Man Tate" and "Searching for Bobby Fisher"! Both movies are rated PG. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Birthdays in November

Noah - 2nd

Jade - 27th

Saphire - 27th

Sebastian - 29th