Korean immigrants

by : Treonna Short

When , Why , and How the Koreans came to the U.S

Koreans begin coming over to the united states in the 20th century . The first wave of the immigrants coming to the u.s started 1903 to 1905. Most Koreans came because of primes working age to seek a better life , prime working age to seek a better life , pursue education and join family members.The Korean women traveled by boat to meet there american husband .
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what US immigration laws or policies were in effect at the time of the korean migration

Economic , social , and political conditions in North Korea have prompted migration flows to South Korea , China , and Russia , as well as to Southeast Asia , Europe , and United States . South Korea , however, did not sign the armistice . Since no peace treaty has replaced the 1953 agreement .

how many members of korean groups came to the United States

Sixty percent of the 1.1 million Korean immigrants in the United States in 2013 were naturalized U.S. citizens much higher than the 47 percent naturalization rate among the overall immigrant population.

how the United States' population received and/or treated the Koreans

The United states treated Korean immigrants like citizens as long as they get naturalized into the U.s by pledging to the oath and also must be at least 18 years old.

where the Koreans settle after arriving to united states , and jobs the koreans typically found

Korean immigrants have settled primarily in California. Out of economic need, large numbers of recent Korean immigrants start their own businesses.33 percent of Korean American families owned small businesses, such as vegetable stands, grocery stores, service stations, and liquor stores.

contributions the koreans made to the u.s and its culture

Koreans brought more willing to work people to the u.s . Most of the Koreans tradition is to be wealthy so they are usually always successful in small businesses . The Koreans brought different cultures they believe like Buddhism & Islam . sometimes Koreans will practice a Christianity religion which is most popular in u.s
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