MLA: What is it?

Ren Donnelly & Ginger Vestal

Definition of MLA

A style recommended for preparing scholarly manuscripts and student research papers.(Modern Language Association)

What its purpose?

Simple way to organize information and resources making the citations and research easier to navigate.
MLA Style Essay Format - Word Tutorial

How to: MLA Format

  • Correct indentions and margins
  • Double spacing
  • When writing all the information is it essential that its in the right order.
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What is the Work Cited Page?

A work cited page is a list of resources to write literature, Used to credited the original owner f the information. Beings on a new page, at the end of a paper. The page is usually labeled Work Cited without any quotation mark, and all citations should be double spaced. List the paper numbers of where you used the information form the sources.

How to: Citing Book Sources

MLA Tutorial #2: Basic Citation Format

How to: Citing Website

How to Cite a Website Using MLA Format

What is in-text citation?

Reference that help readers easily find the sources. This type of citation is located usually in the text/paper rather at the end, although it corresponds to Work Cited page.

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