Ms. Rebecca's 2/3 Class

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Setting Goals

Today we watched a video on the 4 steps to goal-setting. Each child had a chance to brainstorm about what area he/she would like to improve upon. Ask your child what goal they set. Ask them how they think they can achieve that goal. We will check in periodically and decide on September 25 (2 weeks) how we did. These goals are written and attached to to each desk so we can constantly be working toward it!

Reading Groups

There are currently 3 books being read in our class that are all related to different cultures. Our Big Question is: "Why do people have different cultures?" Our current research projects and reading books will help us answer that question even more completely as we progress through our first Unit (Navigating my World). The books are: The Great Potato Plan, Mummies in the Morning, and Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.

Traveling Pants Project

Many of your children may have been telling you "we need blue jeans!" And well, that's true. We are in the very EARLY stages of learning how to research a topic. In this case, each child has been assigned a country and will research key details about it. After recording information about the country, we will work in class to design a pair of "traveling pants." The basic idea is to take a pair of blue jeans and decorate them with items, symbols, words, and more in order to give a class presentation on the country studied. What do we need from you? Glad you asked...

  • Our sources are limited in our library, so you may need to have your child check out a book from a public library on their country. The book needs to come to class so your child can read and record information here.
  • Start looking for an old pair of jeans your child can decorate. These will permanently decorated, so think Goodwill or an old pair. Adult sizes are great--they can fit more information on them!
  • Tulip brand paint donations
  • Fabric markers
  • Sharpies in bright colors
  • Scrap fabric
  • Items used to represent natural resources from the country (think rice, coal, rocks to be painted like gold, stone...) These can be hot glued to the pants.

As we get closer to needing these items, I'll send a reminder, but feel free to send in items now and I'll store them. We hope to being decorating in October.