Next Steps at the Trail

Resources for Creating Your 2023-24 Schedule

Course Selection Timeline

Check out the document below so you know the steps and timeline for getting your preferred classes into your 2023-24 schedule!

2023-24 EMS-ISD Course Description Handbook

This guide provides information on graduation requirements, endorsements offered in the district, and detailed information on all courses offered by the district.

EMS ISD 2023-24 Course Description Handbook

Advanced Academics Information

Check out the Advanced Academics website to learn about options for advanced, AP, and Dual Credit classes.

Advanced Academics / Advanced Academics (

Career and Technology Education Next Steps

Check out the presentation below to learn more about the many programs we have at CTHS and through HCTC where students graduate college and career ready.

Many of these programs offer industry level certifications for students by graduation. (See list below)

Additional information can be found at the HCTC website: HCTC Planning Resources / HCTC Ready! (

Course Planning Sheet

Use this sheet as a quick reference for the courses that are offered and to keep track of what you are interested in taking next year.

Course Planner in Schoolinks

Use the directions below to put your 2023-24 course requests into Schoolinks so you are ready when you meet with your counselor.

Need more help?

If students need more help, they can email or stop by to see their counselor before school or during lunch. They can also stop by the College and Career Center during lunch on a Tuesday or Thursday.

We also encourage students to talk to their parents and their teachers about these important decisions.