A long time ago in a lonely cottage in the mountains, a poor widow lived. She worked hard and often did not eat, so one day she got seriously ill. She was very worried about her only son John because he was still a little boy. When she felt very ill, she asked her son to go to a local healer to get some herbs.

When the boy reached the healer, she looked at him and said:

- Your mother will not be cured by herbs. She is seriously ill. The only help for her is the water of life.

- Where can I find it? - asked John.

- At the top of the Sobotnia Mountain - there is the source of it. But be careful as it is guarded by the evil spirits, werewolves and vampires. The one who is afraid of them, will immediately turn into stone - she said.

- I have to go there - the boy answered.

The woman nodded and gave him a clay jug.

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John quickly set off on a journey. After two days, he arrived at the Sobotnia Mountain and began to climb to the top. Along the way, he saw a lot of rocks in the shape of men He knew they were brave daredevils who tried to get to the top. He did not turn back when he heard the sound of a rockfall. He gritted his teeth and didn't even look back. After a moment, the sound ceased to be audible. A moment later, he heard howling wolves. Chills ran down his back but he bravely walked forward. When he felt malicious vampires biting him in the calf, he exclaimed:

- Get away from me! I would not turn back!

When he was halfway to the top a beautiful maiden stood in front of him.

- John, come with me. You are very tired. Rest and eat and you will forget about your worries ...

- Get out of my way - a boy growled, and a knight in shining armor appeared in front of him in the place of the girl. He began to swing the big sword.

- Go away, I'm not afraid of you - said John.

Then he saw a wealthy merchant.

- I'll give you as much gold as you want - he tempted.

The boy closed his eyes and quickly bypassed the merchant. Then, he heard loud cry.

- It is not the time to worry about others - he whispered, and after a moment he got to the top of the Sobotnia Mountain.

The view was breathtaking. There was a spring under the rock and clear water was of deep blue colour. Above the spring, the magnificent falcon flew. When it saw John, it sat on his shoulder and gave him a green twig and then it flew away. The boy drew the water into a jug which he got from the healer. He drank some and he immediately regained his strength and went back home. When he was setting off, he put the twig into the jar.

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When he was going down the mountain, he removed the spells out of them by touching them with the twig which was previously immersed in the water of life. There were knights and peasants, young men and old men. Everyone thanked brave John and joined him, forming a kind of procession.

When the boy got home, his mother was already dead. For a moment, the boy's eyes shined with tears. He believed, however, that the water of life would bring her to life. He carefully poured a few drops into her mouth. Then, the woman slowly opened her eyes. John gave the jug so she was able to have a sip, and quite suddenly she regained full strength. She got out of bed, laughing and humming merry songs as she used to before. Since then, there were no worries and diseases in the small house, but a joyful laughter.

There is no miraculous spring at the top of the Sobotnia Mountain any more. There are only stones left there that John didn't manage to remove the spell from.