I was a warehouse wageslave article

By: Juan Estrada

Mc Donaldization characteristics

  • Efficiency: in this article they talk about how workers had to work as fast as possible, they wanted efficiency. They also promote workers racing each other instead of taking their time and doing it right.
  • Calculability: in this company they care about how much they can get done rather than how good they are at doing it.
  • Predictability: predictability is the same for all big companies with factories, assembly lines.
  • Control: there is people that work at another company which is a temporary staffing agency. There they buy drones which goes to show that the people there are working at jobs where drones are supposed to work at. Another example is how they treat the workers, they dint treat them as humans and make them have mandatory overtime sometimes which is inhuman like, also the fact that there is very dangerous parts in the factory and how they encourage workers to stretch every day because the working conditions are horrible.
  • Irrationality: they use irrationality in this article, they push workers to do their best as quickly as possible by screaming and humiliating them.
  • Des killing: the workers in this article are des killing because they talk that they constantly hire and fire workers which means these workers can be quickly and cheaply trained. Another example would be how they don't care about their workers.
  • Consumer worker: the workers in the article are consumer workers their days of their training, they don't get paid.

My understanding of Mcdonaldization

To me Mcdonaldization is using slaves to use in factories and give you modified cheap food that shouldn't be considered food. Big businessmen take advantage of the slaves by paying them low wages to do a lot of labor. This shows wealth stratification is.