World Religions

Learn religious tolerance

How have world religions shaped who you are today?

Learn how the past relates to the present in world religions.

Performance Objectives:

Using research and analyzing primary documents, students will show how beliefs from a particular religion governs the behavior of its believers.

Project Criteria:

1. Research a world religion assigned in class (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Sikhism).

2. Explain the roles and contributions of important individuals (prophets) and groups in the religion. This can include the celebration of holidays as they relate to important events in the history of the religion.

3. Analyze the religious art and artifacts to understand the religion. Give examples (images) of the art and/or artifacts of the religion in your presentation.

4. Find an example of a poem or musical piece that represents the religion (hymn, religious song, etc.) and include in your presentation.

5. Use a current event story about the religion. This can be about events currently taking place in the world that is directly related to the religion you are researching.

6. Extras (not required): A timeline of the history of your religion, a brief history, some interesting facts.

Research Questions

1. What is the most important belief in this religion?

2. Why do they believe that?

3. In your opinion, what makes the believers of this religions want to follow its teachings or the teachings of its prophets?

4. How do extremists in this religion justify their actions against nonbelievers?

5. Read about a current event that is relevant to the religion and try to explain the event from the perspective or viewpoint of its followers. What are the consequences (positive or negative) of this event on its believers or the world? (You can use a current event that involves an extremist group.)

6. Use art or an artifact that represents the religion and explain why it is important, when it as created and who created it.

7. Use a song or poem from the religion and explain the lyrics and how they relate to the religion.


  • Your project will be done as a Flyer using
  • Watch a tutorial on YouTube if you need to, but it's a very easy tool to use.
  • Include a Work Cited tab in your presentation.
  • Project will be presented in class on due date.

Project due date: Tuesday, December 16, 2014.