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What Earth looks like

Earths color is mostly blue but others to. Earths size is 7,926 41 miles long.Its temputure for the surface is -81/58 degrees. Earths atmosphere is made of 77 percent Nitrogen,21 percent oxygen,and 2 percent other gases. It's surface is mostly water but very rocky.

Earths characteristics

Earths length of day is pretty long 24 hours. It's length of year is 365 days that's a lot. Earth is a inner planet. Earth gets plenty of storms but not like other planets Earth has weather. It only has one moon though. Earth is 92,995,820 miles from the sun that's a long way.

Fun facts about Earth

There are 10 million species alive on earth. A human being can only survive 30 seconds unprotected in space. Earths core is made of liquid, iron, and nickel metal. Earth is the 5th largest in the solar system. Earth has 4 layers.

Facts about earth

Earths age is 4.5 billion years old. Mars is 15 percent Earth. Earth is smoother than a bowling ball. Earth weighs 5,9737,700,000,000 pounds. Earth is mostly covered with oceans.