Conserving Household Water

Wating water in the bathroom

Did you know that you waste the most water in the bathroom. Its true, 31% of the water wasted in your house is by flushing the toilet. When you are taking a shower, the conventional shower head wastes 5 gallons per minute. which means even if you take a 10 minute shower you are wasting 50 gallons of water.

leaving the tap on

Even just leaving the tap on when you brush your teeth or just leaving it on I general. an conventional fosset will use up to 3 gallons of water per minute. This is a big waste of water, because I know that it takes me about 8 min to properly clean my teeth. so if I leave the tap on while I brush I am wasting 24 gallons of water just while I am brushing my teeth.

some ways to save water in your house

some very simple ways on how not to waste water in your house is by just turning of the tap when you are brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, re-using the water that you don't drink by giving them to plant. And when you go to the washroom and by the words of my teacher, " If it's yellow, let it mellow, and if its brown let it drown". This video will explain more ways on how to save water in your home.

How to Save Water in Six Easy Ways

Why we need to conserve water

Water is very important in our world today because for one thing, 60%-90% of our body mass is made of water. This shows that our bodies depend on water to survive. Not only this, our entire eco-system depends on it. Plants and trees need water to grow and survive or they will get really dry and thirsty and will eventually die. And we need plants to grow because they take in the CO2 and then turn the CO2 into O which is what we depend on to breath, and then once we take in the O, we breath out CO2 and the cycle will repeat. And if the plants don't grow, the animals will not have any food, then they will starve and will die, then we wont have any food. SO as you can see, we need water to survive.

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