Ms. Holmes


Overall Life

Ms. Holmes was born in Morgantown, Kentucky. Her mother and father were slaves. Ms. Holmes had six sisters and six brothers and they all died before they were old enough to go to school. She did not go to school because it was too far. She was four years old when her father came home from war and gave her to his owners. They took care of her like she was their own. Her father's name was Frank, and she said he never did but one thing wrong in his life. Her mom died after she was the mother of eight children. When her father came back from the war her mother had married again, so he didn't disturb her.

Later, she got married and had two kids. Both kids died and her husband abused her. She went to church when she had very little money but the church didn't help her. She late got crippled and had to get operated on, after that she moved up to another city where she was terated better and the chruch treated her well.

How Ensalvement Affected Ms. Holmes

Slavery affected Ms. Holmes very much. Ms. Holmes' siblings died because her parents couldn't support them. Also, she couldn't go to school because it was too far away. In additition, slavery made her more more civilized and religous. As well, slavery caused her to not experss herself as freely and as much as an averge person. In summary, slavery affected Ms. Holmes as a person very much.

Slaves sense of selfhood in slave master relationships

Ms. Holmes was treated nice by her masters when she was a little kid but when she got older she was more restricted. There was a man who would ride on a horse with spurs and a whip and you had to keep working without looking up. She did not feel very powerful with this man watching her every move, and scared she would do something wrong and be whipped.

How Slavery Affected White People

Slavery affeccted white people a lot. Slavery gave wealthy white people workers that they didn't have to pay. It affected non slave owners by making them feel that slaves are lower creatures. in summary slavery affected whait people very much.

How Slave Laws Changed

It is now illegal to have someone work for you without paying you. It is also illegal to assault any race or gender. You can not attack people and is very rude to call people names.

How a Free State Was Determined

A free state was determined by laws. In most north states it was illegal to own slaves. The slaves were not treated better but they were free and did not have to work for anyone. They could get real jobs for money and earn a living.