La Mesa Watershed Service Trip

A place to learn, work, and have fun

What will we do?

Grade 3 Students are combining efforts with HS Eco Council to make a small but important difference in our world. We will be teaming up to do different environmentally friendly activities, such as:

  • Germinating trees
  • Potting soil
  • Learning about the watershed and conservation
  • Going on a guided nature trek
  • Learning about vermiculture
  • Enjoying the great outdoors!

What is our itinerary?

7:30 Meet at ES undercover playground

7:45 Departure to La Mesa Watershed

7:45-9:00 Travel Time

9:00-11:45 The La Mesa Watershed Activities

11:45 Boarding the bus

11:45-1:00 Travel Time

1:00 Arrival at ISM

When is our trip?

Saturday, April 18th, 7:30am-1pm

Payatas Road

Quezon City, Calabarzon

Space is limited. Please sign up below to show your child's interest in attending. Participants will be chosen from all classrooms by the time submitted from each class. Please only submit a form if your child is definitely able to come. A formal permission slip will follow if there is space available. Thanks!