Inventions Challenge

MP2 Week 2 K-1

Engineering Native American Style Drums

To get started:

Click on the links below and scroll though the information!

Due Date: 12/6

To give you plenty of time to gather your materials, create your design sketch, test your results, and post on Voicethread, this challenge isn't due until 12/6! That way, if you're traveling or busy celebrating with friends and family over Thanksgiving break, you still have plenty of time to invent!

Just a reminder: The assignment will show on your overview with a due date of Tuesday 12/1 to remind you to work on your challenge. However, you have until Sunday 12/6 to post on Voicethread!

Just a reminder!

There are no chats next week due to Thanksgiving break! I'll see you again the following week! We'll discuss the project and how sound waves travel!
Click here: Invention Challenge!

Watch the Voicethread presentation to learn about our next design challenge!

Click Here: Drum Design Sketch

Click here to complete your drum design sketch before you start building! Don't forget to upload to Voicethread! See directions below!

Click Here: Challenge Results

Make a copy of Test Results and then fill in the results of your challenge. Don't forget to upload to Voicethread! See the directions below!

Click Here: How to Upload to Voicethread

Click here to learn how to upload your design sketch and test results to Voicethread

Click Here: Let's have a Pow Wow! Share your invention!

This is where you will share with your fellow inventors your drum, your design sketch, and your test results! Can't wait to hear the drum beats of our class!

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See you in Cyberspace!