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Congratulations on becoming a Consultant!!

Welcome to our team! We are so excited to have you join us on this journey to make the world safer. For some of you, you joined because you love the products and want to make sure that you, your family and friends are using them. For others, you joined because you want a new career. We welcome goals of all shapes and sizes and are here to help you achieve those goals!

You Have a New Business! What Do You Do Now?

1. Purchase products if you have not yet. This may be a la cart or one of the six deeply discounted Starter Sets shown below that were available at sign up. If you are wishing you would have taken advantage of this and it's been 30 days or less since you signed up, please call customer service (888.988.9108) and tell them you have changed your mind and would like to purchase a Starter Set!
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2. Reach out to your mentor to set up a call or an in person meeting to plan your business strategy. She will walk you through the beginning steps to help you get your business off to a strong start. Make sure they have added you to our Beautycounter Team Page on Facebook. You may have received an email inviting you to this group. Make sure you join as this is where almost all team communication occurs. You can always access this this newsletter in the pinned post of our team page. If you aren't sure who your mentor is, please email your Managing Director Kate Criswell at katesbeautycounterbiz@gmail.com and she will put you in touch with your upline Director.

3. Login to your virtual office at www.behindthecounter.beautycounter.com using your registered email and password you selected during the consultant signup process. This is known as Behind the Counter or BTC. You can place personal product and business aid orders here by clicking on "Orders" and then "Start a Personal Order". If you are only ordering products, I suggest doing so from your "front end" office. Visit the company homepage and click the "Sign In" tab in the upper right corner. Use the same login info that you sign into BTC with. You will shop right from the site and will see the discounted price (your consultant discount).

4. Customize your personal website by uploading a photo to your personal website (PWS) by clicking the Home tab BTC. You will see a link to upload an image in the upper left corner. Your personal website is www.beautycounter.com/firstnamelastname that you joined with. If you are Canadian, your site is www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/firstnamelastname.

5. Order your business cards and any additional business aids. Go to BTC and click the BeSpoke link on the left hand side. We love the Never's List template for business cards. You can also order labels and printed note cards here for customer thank you notes.

Business aids can be ordered BTC. These include additional catalogs, tip cards, disposable makeup brushes, sample sets of both of our skin care lines, etc.

Step one: See what is available to buy by clicking the Tools tab BTC and then Admin Tools. Do a search for Business Aids Lookbook. Open file and print or this can also be found in the Files Section of our Facebook Group (Beautycounter Team Page)

Step two: Place your order BTC by clicking on Orders, Start a Personal Order and then enter the sku or item description. You can also search by selecting a category on the right hand side. Check out the cute swag category while you're there!

6. Start the online training. Our training program is called Counter University and can be found BTC under the Tools and Trainings Tab.

READ...Log into BTC, click the "Tools and Training" tab and then click "Training by Title" and scroll down to the blue "Getting Started" box. There are different modules and chapters of the training based on your career rank, but don't be afraid to read ahead if you have promotion goals! You can always click on "Training By Topic" which is highlighted in blue if you want to search under training.

PRINT...off your favorite resources that you find online. Invest in a binder...it's a great way to stay organized and have your favorite resources on hand.

WATCH...our corporate video called We All Deserve Better. This is a great video to share with others as you promote these products and share the opportunity. Subscribe to the Beautycounter Youtube channel as well as Vimeo (please note that these videos are for consultant eyes only). You can also log into BTC, click Tools and Training and then Training by Topic and do a search for "video" in the search bar. There's all sorts of helpful videos to watch there.

LISTEN...We have many training calls and video to get you started. Please visit this post in our Facebook team page to find the link to all the calls and videos. Here is our team's most recent new consultant call (Password: October).

WRITE...start to craft your personal Beautycounter story, your why. Make a BIG list of prospective customers, hosts, and consultants you would love to have on your team. Who would be on your "Dream Team". Who would you love to join you on this mission...it's always more fun to start this business with a friend or two!! Dream big!!!

7. Utilize our Facebook Group...Beautycounter Team Educate, Inspire Earn is a great place to ask questions and share ideas. Please look in the "Files" at the top of the page. There you will find sample email templates, lists of recommended regimes for various skin issues, helpful documents and more. Also, if you have a question, please always look up your question in the search bar before posting it on the page as it may have already been answered. I suggest you turn off notifications, but check the page everyday to stay up on what is happening. If you haven't already, make sure you "like" Beautycounter and our founder Gregg Renfrew on FB and follow both on Instagram. You may also want to "like" the pages of of our charitable partners, EWG, Healthy Child, Healthy World and The Breast Cancer Fund and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. These pages will provide you with interesting articles and solid content that you may want to occasionally share on your personal FB page.

8. Launch your business within the first week or two by scheduling an open house/social to share products with our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers etc. It's best way to get your feet wet and its great to work with small groups in the beginning. Also, schedule your first two socials within your network and your first 1:1 appointments (ask your mentor for details). Send out an email/share the news that you have joined the Beautycounter mission and started a business! Now is also a good time to get a loaner kit started (known as a face kit, ask your mentor about this). You will start to receive short automated emails for the next two weeks with tips to help you launch your business.

9. Reach back out to your mentor. Having consistent communication with your Mentor (particularly within your first 30 days!) will have a profound impact on your business. Don't forget to ask for help...that's why we are here! Please feel free to reach out to me, Kate Criswell, your upline Managing Director if you don't have a mentor. I will put you in touch with your upline Director or I will become your mentor!

10. Join our Team Facebook Opportunity Group. Beautycounter Opportunity Group ~ Team Educate, Inspire, Earn is a group for our team to invite prospects to. It is a group with 11 posts that explains the opportunity, answers questions about the opportunity and includes videos so your prospects can get a feel for the amazing team culture we have! You only add people to this group that have agreed to be added. Make sure to tag them in the pinned post and to follow up with them!!! You can't just add people to the group and assume they'll sign up...fortune is in the follow up!

Incentives for a Strong Start

Our fantastic compensation plan is our best reward, however, incentives are fun too. See below for the great Start Counting incentives you can earn during your first three months as a new consultant. There are Product Credits, Cash Bonuses (both as a new consultant AND as a mentor) and exclusive Beautycounter merchandise! What a great way to start!
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Our Favorite Resources

The Healthy Living app from Environmental Working Group. You can scan the UPC label of personal care products and see how safe they really are.

We All Deserve Better our company video and what most of us show at events and socials.

Beautycounter goes to Washington 100 consultants, 50 States and 90 meetings. Here's a small peek at the enormous work we did on Capitol Hill in May advocating for new, public health protective laws.

Fast Company Interview with Gregg Renfrew

MSNBC Interview with Gregg Renfrew

The Nantucket Project The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry

Gregg's Confidence Video Password: Confidence

How to Host a Social

What is a B Corp

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Thank you for saying "yes" to Beautycounter and doing this important work!


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