The African slave trade

As told by an onlooker

Journal entry #1 What were slaves lives like before they were captured?

The slaves lives were a lot better then on the boat. I mean they looked so happy with their family, smiling, playing, and other fun things. Slaves had many things they cherished at home. They had their homes, their family, their animals, their food. Although not all of the time their time at home was peaceful. Many times Africans went to war. Africans spent their time doing things in the culture such as playing music, making clothes. Many Africans spent their time though making Arts and Crafts

Journal entry #2 How did capture take place?

Slaves were captured in Africa. Most slaves were captured during raids on the African coast. When we arrived in Africa we bought most of our slaves from African-European slave dealers. We took most slaves from local African tribe leaders. The reasons we take these people is because the tribe felt that this is their punishment of becoming a slave. Though the majority of slaves came from wars we fought and captured or the slaves

Journal entry #3 What happended in Africa after being taken by slave traders?

After my crew captured the slaves.We took our captured Africans and marched them to the Atlantic coast where we would exchanged them for goods. During our march to the coast. We bound together our slaves with ropes around their necks. Our slaves marched together in lines or rows of twos to threes. On this journey to the coast, we took fifty to one hundred slaves at a time. Family members that weren't taken often wondered if they would ever see their faimiles members again

Journal entry #4 What were the conditions aboard the ship during the Middle Passage?

As we sailed to America they living conditions were not good for the slaves. Many slaves were shackled together and could not move. Our ships spent several months traveling to different parts of the coast. Which made long trips for slaves that were shackled together. When slaves are shackled together they cannot move so therefore making it that if a slave got sick, then other slaves will get the puke, and other things all over them. Most slaves did not survive the trip to other lands. Most slaves even went as far as committing suicide

Journal entry #5 What occured after the Voyage ended in North America?

After the voyage ended to North America. I took my slaves to people who wanted to buy them. I took my slaves to an auction house where my slaves were bought at a high price.
We captured many families but when slaves are bought. Their families were often split up. If slaves made any bonds on the voyage to America. Their bonds were also broken. Almost immediately, new slave owners had slaves get used to a new land and learn a new language. This was a change that changed their life.