christopher columbus

Read to discover how Columbus lived and what he did

Thomas Horne

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Early Life

He learned to weave from his father.He took his first sea voyage while still relatively young. He was a man of huge ambition both socially and materially.He was interested in navigation,exploration,and adventure, he was interested in Marco Polo's description of Cipangu.

Mid Life

The king and queen were convinced that Columbus could find Asia and Cipangu and it's mountains of gold. The monarchs agreed to support his journey.He hastily manned and provided the Nina,the Pinta, and his own ship the Santa Maria. Also the later the Santa Maria wrecked,a fort was built out of the wreckage at La Navidad.

Later Life

The queen found out that Columbus' men were staging a full revolt and she sent a judge to evaluate the situation and he had responded by putting Columbus in chains and returning him to Spain.The king and queen agreed for Columbus to go on another journey,all though the Native Americans helped him a lot they still didn't find much gold at all. when he died two years later he had gone from a cloth maker of modest means to someone called admiral,governor, and counselor to the king.Though he never went near Asia or Japan his name will never be forgotten.