Quick Checklist for Proctored Exams

Use the checklist to set up your exams correctly.

Properties Settings

  • Name the exam appropriately.
  • Assign it a grade item. Click [add grade item] and select the category if one has been set up and enter the appropriate information.
  • Check the boxes to allow automatic export and allow attempt to be automatically graded upon completion.

Restriction Settings

  • Test is active.
  • Available dates and time are correct. (Check year and time test ends - should be evening.)
  • Check your password. Make sure you do not have any spaces before the password.
  • Check time limit.

Advanced Availability

No advanced availability - no students should have special access.

Attempts and Submissions

  • Attempts allowed = 1
  • Submissions view: Submission released immediately but questions not shown and answers not shown.

Preview your Exam

Go to exam and choose Preview in the drop down menu. Preview your exam to check that all images are showing.

Note: Copying from one section to another does not always preserve images!