Support Staff PD Sept. 8, 2015

8:30-11:30 am

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Learning Goals for Today's Workshop

Today we will learn / review:

  • Mindfulness strategies
  • Use of positive behavior support strategies to proactively supervise students to prevent problems on the playground, in the cafeteria, and within and around the school building
  • Safety and emergency response procedures
  • Important staff communication (email, syring week ahead, google calendar)
  • Importance of keeping confidentiality about students
  • Schedules for supervision before / after school, recess / lunch, fall testing, fall data meetings


Positive behavior support
Supervision Checklist

These are the expectations of supervising students in various areas: playground, cafeteria, hallways, outside waiting before school, etc.

Free and Inexpensive Reward Ideas

You can use CREEK slips (I suggest pre-filling what they are earned for and then making copies so they are easy to just initial and hand to kids to put their own name on). Some aides have found stickers can be very motivating.


Medical Emergency Response Plan

This outlines Syring's medical emergency response plan and the responsibilities of various staff members during a medical emergency. We will be having medical emergency drills starting this school year.

Emergency Procedures

This document contains directions for evacuation, lockdown, shelter in place, and severe weather drills and incidents.

Safe Schools Training - Concussion Awareness

Be sure to log on to the safe schools site with your 6 digit employee number if you are a SC employee and complete concussion awareness training.

Safe Schools Training - Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

Be sure to log on to the safe schools site with your 6 digit employee number if you are a SC employee and complete bloodborne pathogen exposure training.

Safe Schools Training - FERPA - confidentiality

Be sure to log on to the safe schools site with your 6 digit employee number if you are a SC employee and complete FERPA confidentiality training.


Recess & Lunch Schedule

Schedule includes the expectations and schedule for teaching them the morning of the first full day of school. Aides should join me as we travel from grade level to grade level to teach the expectations.


Don't Forget to Check Your Email Daily!

During your planning or break times, be sure to check your email at least once daily. We send out lots of important information that needs to be read and sometimes requires a reply from you. Also, be sure to follow links emailed to you to check the Syring Staff Week Ahead AND on the week ahead, connect to our Syring Staff GOOGLE CALENDAR to view upcoming events. Clicking on events often opens up additional information.
Staff Week Ahead

Be sure to read the Syring Staff Week Ahead to stay updated on important information concerning the building each week.

Syring Staff Google Calendar

This link opens up the Syring STAFF Google calendar which contains events in BLUE that are also posted for the public on our website and APP and events in GREEN, which are only pertinent to our Syring staff and only visible therefore on this link.

Our Mission Statement

Swartz Creek Community Schools inspires our learners to embrace challenges, set goals, grow their talents, and realize their dreams for success in a global society.