The Birds and the Bees of Epilepsy

By : Rob /

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is basically a brain disorder, which can lead to the victim to have seizures. But what is the facts behind the basics, you may ask. Well, I'll tell you! Epilepsy is was found to being a chronic disorder (recurrent) that sets off in the head, and can spread to all other parts of the body. The causes of Epilepsy is usually due to injuries to the head.

Here's some data for Epilepsy :

Epilepsy is seen around commonly, and seen casually in society. You probably have seen a citizen that suddenly fell unconscious, this is the first common symptom of Epilepsy. Which can evolve into a uncontrollably movement of the body, and may come along with foaming from the mouth. The following symptoms is what you may see before Epilepsy kicks in...

  • Quick muscle movements
  • Sudden head turns
  • Unusual smell/odor
  • Vision problems

There is in fact many kinds of seizures that happens whenever Epilepsy occurs, for example...

  • Simple seizures does not affect any signs of consciousness and or awareness.
  • Complex seizures leads to a complete unresponsive nature and unconsciousness.
  • Partial/2nd Generation seizures are a mixture of both Simple and Complex.
  • Tonic Clonic seizures are the easiest to recognize. Citizen looses unconsciousness, breathe, and bladder control.

The number of deaths per year for Epilepsy is 1.6 times 3 for the general population (via

Please be helpful! Don't watch, act on it!

Just throwing this out there!

If you see someone that collapsed, and is spazing out... please don't be a bystander! If you know what to do, help. If not, ask if you can help, and or step back and keep others out of their way.

Hello! My name is Rob, and I present you this production.

I was given this as a project to make a flyer about an disease. And so I picked Epilepsy, and for the reason for me picking Epilepsy was that a handful of my friends goes through them and I wanted to help make sure that people can help and notice it.

If I have let any information out, please do not hesitate to call me! - Rob