Felipe Ortiz


  • Jim Crow Laws were laws that segregated blacks from the white people & took away all basic rights from the blacks.
  • These laws effected all African Americans by not having equal opportunities and by not being able to vote, they could also not attend local places in the same places as white people.

  • Before Jim Crow Laws there was "Black Codes" that had the same effect and impact on the African Americans.

  • There was two Amendments created, the 14th and 15th for blacks.

  • The Civil Rights Act became a law in 1964 which indecated that blacks have the same opportunites as whites.

Key Person

Martin Luther King Jr. was a key person in the civil rights movement. He was a pastor but believe that African americans deserved the rights that white people had and became the leader of the civil rights movement. He is important because he had a big impact on how African Americans are treated today. He led people in protests and made people (whites) believe that treating African Americans the way they were treating them was wrong.

Time Line

1868-14th Amendment: Citizenship and Civil Rights for African-Americans.

1896-Plessy vs. Ferguson: Supreme Court decides that "separate but equal" facilities satisfy 14th Amendment guarantees, thus giving legal sanction to "Jim Crow" segregation laws.

1909-The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is formed to promote use of the courts to restore the legal rights of African-Americans


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