Siege of Antwerp

By: Erica Frock

Battle of Antwerp

The battle of Antwerp was in Belgium, it took place on August 4th, 1914. The battle was between Belgium and Germany, the winner was Germany. A "huge number" of German troops crossed over into Belgium to start the battle, and "a number" of Belgium troops met up with them.
The casualties racked up quickly with an unknown guess of 33,000 Belgium troops dead, and a unknown guess of only 57 dead for German troops. However it took extra help from weaponry to have deaths for both sides like, around 173 guns, artillery bombardment, heavy guns used like the powerful "Big Bertha" ( a 420mm siege howitzer). One thing that was positive was the climate it brought "cool summers and moderate winters, rarely ever falling below zero." that made it easier for troops to stay out longer and fight, it also led to fewer deaths from the weather.
Even though the battle was tragic there are some popular places that should be visited if you were ever to go there like, the Middleheim a very popular and fun museum, the Grote Markt Van Antwerpen its the heart of the town and there are pretty shops, town hall is down there and the Scheldt River flows beside it, last but not least is the Meir it is a street full of shopping, packed with cute stores.