Super Bowl 2016 Doritios

Erinn Banks

Erinn Banks

Doritos, in their 2016 super bowl commercial, "Ultrasound" aims to advertise and sell their product by basically showing that doritos are so delicious that even a unborn baby is trying to get some doritos shown by the baby reaching for the doritos as the dad is playing around and moving the doritos watching the baby reach for it.

Since the baby started reaching for the doritos as the dad moved it around, it shows how eager one could be to get to some doritos and it deliciousness.

Doritos uses transfer from the dorito to the baby as a indication and ones self craving of doritos and how delicious it is to help sell their product and basically show an image that anyone and everyone can be in love with doritos because there so good.

Using an unusual example such as a unborn baby gives a since of literally everything can want doritos and the audience being everyone including babies