Chapter connections

chapters 5 through 7

Examples of the chapters mixing

Gary has a meeting and wants to improve his boss, so he dressed nice suited up and went to work were they were gathering for a meeting. Most people at his work have different backgrounds than Gary so he will have to talk in a nice manner respecting everyone in the business room. When he got to work he showed up willing and ready to go with a good attitude and a productive mined set. He had to talk about how there business was going to work with the customers, in a better way then they have in the past. So he discussed how his ideas would help bring the businesses mission statement out, and other ways to satisfy the customer. When the meeting was over Gary's boss was impressed how Gary worked with his co workers in the workplace and how he asserted his view on how to make not only the businesses work better, but also reach the customers faster.

My work example

When I show up for work I am wearing something nice and always in a good mood, because the people I work with are not only my friends, but so are the customers that show up at my workplace. I work hard to make sure the customers that show up to the BP get a good quality experience while they are there. I also make sure that I address my boss if I need help or if there is something important, and I always make sure that I address it formally. I always am doing something to making sure that I am productive in the workplace.