Bio & Medtech Executives Meet

One-to-One at Israel's Yearly Business Development Event

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USA * Italy * China * Israel * Scandinavia * Spain * Netherlands * Germany * Switzerland * UK * Belgium * Poland * Lithuania * India * Hungary ..

Top Global & Israeli companies have already secured their participation in the international business development & partnering conference of the year in Israel.

The commercial added value that partnering at Life Sciences IsraelTM 2013 brings:

*Efficiently generating more contacts and meetings for the two day event that one usually has the rest of the year or more - saving time & money while efficiently promoting your business growth.

* One visit to Israel to access a whole innovative and cooperative market. Pre – qualify and Schedule only the meeting that suits you and define the times you want to meet.

* Because all parties are there to meet and explore concrete business dealings – it got reputation of the best result bringing partnering conference in Israel.

* With a little pre-planning, arrange a maximum number of top contacts and meetings.

* You have an opportunity to meet Israeli and overseas Medtech and Biopharma companies – all under one roof.

* Even more Business Development - Efficiently follow up business opportunities after the event by joining partnering360, EBD Group’s free online value added business development networking platform for life-science partnering executives.

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We look forward Partnering with you at Life Sciences Israel TM 2013 On October 16-17, the best time to visit Israel.. !

Life Sciences Israel TM 2013

Wednesday, Oct. 16th 2013 at 7:30am to Thursday, Oct. 17th 2013 at 7pm

Dan Panorama Hotel Tel Aviv, Israel

Life Sciences Israel 2013 Secretariat

New technology you wish to share with potential partners? Apply to present (10 min) by Aug 26

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