Start all over with a new life.

By: Suzeth

About the Organization

Carolina rehabilitation provide a full range of rehabilitation, from acute inpatient rehabilitation to extensive out patient physician and therapy services. as part of Carolina health care system, Carolina rehabilitation,also provides access to:

1. home healthcare

2.skilled nursing facilities

3.nationally renowned physicians and exceptional clinical expertise.

Types of Illnesses they treat.

  • Medical detoxification: Our most intensive level of care, the goal of this program is to stabilize an individual experiencing withdrawal symptoms associated with substance use disorders. Our inpatient detoxification program is supervised by a physician and staffed by 24/7 nursing in a hospital setting.
  • Residential: This inpatient program is designed for people who are able to function with little to no medical monitoring. Patients participating in residential treatment receive around-the-clock clinical care while benefitting from a strong peer network of support, both critical components to recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Staffed by psychiatrists, nurses and therapists, this specialized unit offers compassionate care to patients needing acute psychiatric, medical detoxification and inpatient substance abuse treatment
Carolinas HealthCare System Network News - December 2015