Columbia Sportswear Sweatshops

Columbia Sportswear has "sweatshops"😉

What is the name of the company?

Columbia Sportswear.

Where are their sweatshops located?


What products are made in these sweatshops?

It started out as a hat shop and then they started to produce clothes and started doing better in economics.

What are the working coditions of workers in these sweatshops? (How much they get paid,factory working coditions, do they have benefits,etc.)

Hours~ 6am-2:30pm or later shift started at 2:42pm-1:12am

Temporary workers pay: $7.25 a hour.

If you forget you name badge they send you home to go get it causing you to br late or you can pay $10~$25 for another one.

Overtime is usually mandatory every week 8 hours

Did the company respond to accusationsthat they use sweatshops? If so, what is their responce? Do they still use sweatshops?

The company has been very careful to keep the roots of their successful model out of the press, Columbia avoids any association with the word "sweatshops"

*** How did the Industrial Revolution affect working conditiond today?

Kids no longer have to work in the factory's.

Make a lot more money now.

*** What solutions/alternatives are there to sweatshops?

Sweatshops help the poor escape from poverty.

Have company's make their own clothes and have other factories around the world for people to work around the country.

*** What did you learn?

That almost every company that exist doesn't make their own cloths 99% of the time because they have sweatshops.

*** As an Amercian consumer, are you now more concerned with how the products you buy are made? Why or Why not?

Personally I am a little bit because I want to make sure it is the best quality. For example four-wheeler's that are made here are more than likely going to last longer then the four-wheeler's made in china.
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