iOS Apps for Mobile Learning

EDU 210 Module 9

Mental Math

Mental math is a big focus in today's curriculum and this app allows students to practice using visual math puzzles. The app has many categories including:

- Basic Arithmetics

- Division with Remainder

- Percentage Calculation

- Reading and Writing Roman Numerals

- Common Multiples and Divisors

The app also has four difficulty levels to customize to the students' level.

The Elements

This app is for students learning chemistry, more specifically the periodic table. The app starts off as a live periodic table where students choose the element they would like to learn about. By clicking on an item, details, a story about the element, facts and figures, as well as objects made from the element are shown.

The app also has over 12 different languages. One of the biggest breakthroughs with this app is that with some inexpensive 3D glasses, the app comes to life bring a new interest in chemistry.

World Atlas by National Geographic

This app brings a full atlas to the students fingertips. There are flags, facts and stats for every country. There is also trivia, pop quizzes and on-this-day information. Students may pin places they have been and places they would like to go.

The app also features real-time weather data. To make this information available to all students without internet connection, the maps may be downloaded for offline use.

Conversation English

This app is for ELL learners. With a growing population of immigrants, the importance of ESL help is growing daily. An app like this can take some pressure off teachers and help students on their own time with their conversation English.

The app is split up into lessons that can be saved in progress and revisited at a later time. It has full conversations and examples of situations the students may face along with quizzes to practice.


This app is a wiki product that allows the user to stream articles live from their devices. It has a search function so students can find information about a desired subject quickly.

The app allows you to set a location and find articles that relate to your location including interesting places and historic events that occurred around you or anywhere in the world. By shaking the devices, the app will find an article for you. Articles can be saved and read later.