Counseling Update for Staff

Betty Ross - School Counselor

August/September News

Grade level/ Classroom Guidance/Schoolwide

Amy and I met with each grade level to go over rules/expectations for the year and to explain our anti-bullying policy. Students were reminded of the definition of bullying, what it is and is not.

In September, I met with each class to explain my counseling theme for the year: Make YOUR Mark and a lesson on Mindset for all students. Students learned the difference between having a Fixed vs. Growth Mindset. Check out the displays in the hallway. I challenged all students to think about how they approach learning. Their brain doesn't grow if everything is easy.

Thanks for taking part in our college week. I loved hearing the kids tell me things that their teachers shared about college. Don't forget to bring a picture of yourself for the college display in cafeteria. If anyone took pictures of their kids dressed in college gear, please send to me.

I hope everyone has taken the time to read information I sent out about my counseling program for the year. I am trying to make it easier for you to make referrals and to keep you informed.

Small Groups and Individuals

  • Met with all new students to Glenwood during lunches.
  • Started lunch bunch groups with Grades 2 - 5.
  • Worked with all K/1 students on school rules/behaviors/manners during Enrichment class with Anna. I appreciate Anna allowing me to take over her time and helping me with these classes. From my time with these classes, Anna and I have identified students who need additional help with making better choices. These students will be placed in a small group for additional support.
  • Began helping Mrs. Price with a social skills small group every Thursday at 9:00.
  • Have completed in take on referrals that have been made. Trying to pull individuals once a week.

Teacher Check-in

I hope that everyone is finding the time I set aside on Thursday for you beneficial. It has helped me be able to share concerns about kids and information that I think will be helpful to you.

This time is meant to be used as support. I don't want anyone to feel stressed about this check in time. I have set aside that time for you and will be in my room unless we have an emergency or required to be at a meeting.

ROAR Mentoring

I am very thankful that our special area teachers are willing to give up some of their planning time to continue mentoring this year. I know that the students will benefit from the time spent with them.

I shared the Google Docs on the mentoring program so you would know what we were asking of folks. Thanks to those of you who asked community members to volunteer to be a mentor. I completed one training on September 30 and will have a second trainiing on October 28. Spread the word! We still need at least 30 more people to mentor.

First round of mentors will begin as soon as permission slips are returned.