Assessment for Learning

A balance of formative and summative assessments

Green, Yellow, Red

Green, yellow, red is a summative assessment that a teacher can use in the classroom to assess children's understanding of a lesson.

Green: "I understand the material"
Yellow:"I do not completely understand the material"
Red: "I'm lost"

After asking the children to hold up the color of where they stand with the lesson the teacher can then break up the class into smaller groups. The green students would be placed with red students, it would be a review for the green students while they help the red students to understand the material of the lesson. Then the teacher can work with the yellow students to go over the specific material that the children do not completely understand and answer questions.
(Rystad, 2013)

Homework and Quizzes

Homework and quizzes are formative assessments that most people are used to doing and seeing in the classroom they are a way for a teacher to evaluate children's understanding of lesson material.