Mr. William Beaumont

By: Khalyn Kastner

Early life

William Beaumont was born in Lebanon, Connecticut on November 21, 1785. He grew up going to a village school. He went to village schools until 1810, when he went to Champlin, New York to become an apprentice (someone who starts working for someone in order to learn a new profession) to a doctor. In 1812 he was recommended to become a doctor. He ended up becoming a surgeons assistant in the war of 1812. He reenlisted to become a war surgeon a short while later.
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Mr. William Beaumont

Why is he famous?

He is famous for his extensive gastric research. He studied how a wounded veteran's (who had a permanent bullet wound in his stomach) digestive system responded to different foods and how it digested each thing.


  • He lived with a doctor for 2 years (1810 - 1812.)
  • President John Quincy Adams promoted him to the surgeon rank in the war.
  • In 1832 he used a 6 month leave (vacation) to go to Washington D.C. to do extensive experiments on the man with the hole in his stomach (St. Martin.)
  • He retired in 1840
  • He worked privately until his death on April 25, 1893.