PCM Family Newsletter

February 2021 Edition

Hello PCM Families

WE DID IT!! We've officially completed just over half of the 2020-2021 school year. The 3rd quarter brings with it the promise of teachers AND STUDENTS (Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!?) returning to our buildings and hopefully the start of a return to normalcy. We're so thankful that you've held out with us this long!. I don't think any of us thought, that as news started to break about the Corona virus, we'd spend almost a year separated from what we know and love. Here's to a successful 3rd quarter, a relatively stress free transition to they hybrid/virtual model, and the eventual presence of some warm weather!!


As we return to the traditional school day we ask that students sign into meets with their homeroom teachers by 8:45 am on Asynchronous Learning Days.

Community Resources and Information

Cuyahoga County Public Library : As of February 1, area branches are open to the public (a mask is required). To see all the up to date news as well as the library's COVID response, please check out this link. CCPL Covid Response

Cuyahoga County Tax Preparation Services : Cuyahoga County and the Cuyahoga Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Coalition, led by Enterprise Community Partners, will host free tax preparation services February 12 through April 15, 2021. The free tax preparation services will be available virtually or at 11 different drop-off/pick-up locations across the county. Working families may be eligible to receive up to $6,600 through the Earned Income Tax Credit. The program offers free tax help to families and individuals who generally make $57,000 or less, persons with disabilities, and limited English-speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. Translation and interpretation services, as well as free financial counseling, are also available. Click here for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Cuyahoga County Vaccination Update: Cuyahoga County has published a COVID-19 Vaccination Information webpage so you can stay up-to-date on vaccine distribution in the county. You can check your eligibility for the current round of vaccines, sign up to receive a notification when you qualify for a vaccine, explore a map of vaccine locations, learn the myths and facts about getting vaccinated or even volunteer to administer vaccines. Click here for more information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cleveland Public Library Presents Writers and Readers Candid Conversations: The Library’s Writers & Readers series returns with a series of candid conversations featuring some of the Nation's most prominent voices on social issues. For more information or to register for the virtual, free events please click here.

Cuyahoga County Public Library Events: Your local library branches are open and offering events for all ages. Click here for a list of events.

Family Fun

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Name the Tiger Cubs: The Cleveland Zoo has announced the birth of two Amur tiger cubs. This marks the first tiger birth in Cleveland in twenty years!! For a donation (in ANY amount) you and your family can vote on names for the zoo's newest additions! Click here for more information.

FREE Medina Ice Festival; February 19 -22: Check out the ice sculpture garden on Medina's Historic Square and take a self-guided tour. Click here for details.

Cleveland Metroparks Tobaggoning: No Snow Required! Experience the icy thrill of tobogganing at The Chalet in Mill Stream Run Reservation, 16200 Valley Parkway Strongsville, OH 44136, located on Valley Parkway between Routes 42 and 82 in Strongsville (a short distance from both I-71 and the Ohio Turnpike). The twin, 700-foot refrigerated ice chutes operate with or without snow through early March, weather permitting. Click here for information

Bird in Hand Bird Feeding: Visit Beech Creek Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve for the chance to feed wild birds and enjoy other outdoor activities. Click here for details

Sledding: Check out this list of the best sledding hills in the Northeast Ohio Area.

Big picture
Big picture

Getting to Know You ... by Ms. Galmarini

Let's get to know... Mrs. Massaad! This is her 10th year at Constellation Schools. She took over as our Math Teacher for much of this year, and is now transitioning back into Title Math.

Q: Favorite book?

A: Recently, I read Kelly Rimmer “The Truths I never told you” suspenseful fiction story about family secrets and depression as well as “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons” with some insights into raising sons.

Q: Favorite quote?

A: Right now it’s -- “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Les Brown -- means resilience and effort to me.

Q: How did you end up in this career?

A: I worked my way into it, later in life, after working in business as well as staying home for awhile raising sons; I was a parent volunteer and substitute teacher while working towards teacher licensure. Been teaching for 12 years now.

Q: Growing up, who has had the most influence on your life?

A: Parents and siblings; great credit to Mom who was a great influencer and listener to all of her seven children.

Q: Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?

A: Being grateful is a great start to the day for your faith, family, friends, then a must is coffee/breakfast and the news.

Q: If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?

A: Possibly a cat because I am kinda shy but pretty observant.

Q: What’s one thing people might not know about you?

A: Even though I am an Ohio native, I sneak away to Florida often! Love the beach and warmer weather!

Getting to Know You (The Sequel) also by Ms. Galmarini

Get to know... Mrs. Tully! She is one of our Intervention Specialists and Co-Teachers (formerly a Paraprofessional for Grades 3-8 with Constellation Schools).

Q: Favorite quote?

A: You miss 100% of the shots you never take

Q: Favorite book?

A: The Hunger Games

Q: Do you collect anything?

A: I have a special collection of old cameras dating back to the early 1900’s. I love photography and even ran my own photography business for over 14 years!

Q: Without a doubt, 2020 was a rough and unpredictable year, but do you have one favorite memory from last year?

A: Just being able to be around my kids and husband more (we’re all learning and working from home).

Q: If you could be friends with a famous person, who would it be? Why?

A: Justin Timberlake! To me, he’s hysterical and down to Earth and I think I would really enjoy conversations with him.

Q: If you had the ability to time travel, would you go to the future or the past?

A: I would travel back in time in order to really enjoy extra time with those I have lost.

Aviators of the Month!

Congratulations to the following students for exhibiting COMPASSION for the month of December!

Jordis B: Jordis is an outstanding young lady. She greets me every morning and is always sharing a kind word and encouragement with her classmates. She has shown me compassion by helping me help other students with their math escape room in intervention. Congratulations Jordis!

Jordan B: Jordan is one of the kindest kids I have ever met. He cares about all of his classmates, their animals and their families. He expresses sincere concern for everyone. When he grows up, he wants to be an animal warden. Every time Jordan talks of his family, he expresses love and gratitude. Jordan, you are a perfect example of caring and compassion!

Marissia C: Marrisia has an excellent attitude every day. She has dealt with more technology issues than anyone else I’ve seen this year but it never slows her down. I appreciate how hard she works and how she never gets too frustrated. She’s my first one in class every day and never fails to say hello!

Mia Vitale: Mia has been a pleasure to have in class! Mia always participates in class discussions, cares about school and her classmates, and shows an overall positive attitude. Well deserved in displaying caring and compassionate behavior! Congratulations Mia!!

Maria G: Maria has a 103 in language arts!!! She is really thriving this year and getting the work done despite the challenges. I love having her in class.

Chaise N: Chaise has been a joy to have in class. He participates and is always one of the first to be in the meet. He shows effort in all the class work we do. Way to go Chaise!

Kyra N: Kyra is a very responsible student. She is always on time, participates in class discussions. She reaches out if she has any questions and informs if she has an appointment. She helps students with any questions through chat during the class. She never forgets to say bye before leaving. Keep up the good work Kyra!

Grace S: It has been an absolute pleasure to have Grace in class! She is always one of the first to join the meet each morning, and goes above and beyond in her studies. When class is over, she always says goodbye and tells her teachers to have a great day!

Aviators of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being PCM Aviators of the Month for displaying FAIRNESS AND COOPERATION

Ayden A: Ayden is a great addition to PCM this year! Since joining our school, Ayden has proven to be an avid participant in class discussions, always the first with a kind word, and works cooperatively with teachers and students. Ayden is a hard worker and applies himself in all that he does.

Tre'Vaughn C: Tre’Vaughn is very cooperative in class. He is always polite and respectful, participates frequently, and stays on top of his assignments more than anyone in the class. He is not only concerned with completing his work, but how his work is completed, making sure it is thorough and accurate. He is definitely one of the most cooperative and fair-minded students in the class!

Nolan K: Nolan is first in the class each morning and is always upbeat and positive. He knows I’m a huge baseball fan so we talk about baseball cards and players each morning. I am proud of how honest and hard working Nolan is. No matter what we ask of him, he works hard to get the task completed. I really appreciate how much Nolan tries to participate and stay involved in class

Andra V: Andra is an excellent student who is always willing to share and participate during class, as well as help other classmates in their learning. Pleasure to have in class!

Abigail B: Abi has improved so much this year already. She comes to class every day and is prepared to learn. She is always willing to participate and isn’t afraid to open up and share her feelings with the class. She is working hard to grow and thrive! All of her teachers are very proud of her.

Giovanni D: Giovanni is a great student, always prepared and ready to learn. Participates in class discussion and stays on top of school work. Way to go Giovanni!

Daniel F: Daniel is great to have in class! His positive attitude and willingness to work has really shown through this last quarter. He has taken the asynchronous days to stay on top of his work and has really grown so far!

Patrick R: Patrick has been participating in class and really keeping up with his work. He has been a joy to have in class.

Character Trait of the Month for February - COURAGE

Courage: The willingness to face obstacles and challenges with determination.

What this looks like in Middle School:

  • Trying out new skills
  • Participating verbally in class discussions
  • Standing up and speaking in the front of the classroom
  • Don't be afraid to fail; failure is how people achieve true success in life
  • Take responsibility for action (or inaction in some cases)
  • Introduce yourself to someone
  • Stand up for someone in need

Character Trait for the month of March - HONESTY

Honesty: Be truthful and just. Listen to others and try to understand what they are saying and feeling. Be sincere, don’t deceive, mislead or be devious or tricky. Don’t betray a trust, steal or cheat.

What this looks like in Middle School:

  • Tell the truth
  • Keep your promises
  • Avoid gossip or spreading rumors
  • Gather all the information before making a decision
  • Doing what is right, no matter who is around

The New and Improved Aviator Shop is Open for Business

Ever wonder what we use those dojo points for? In addition to reinforcing positive behavior in school, we convert those points into Aviator Bucks! Every other Friday (beginning Friday, February 5th) students in 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to spend their hard earned bucks for some pretty SAWEET prizes.

Click here for an explanation from Mr. Luecke and Mr. Carey on what students can look forward to in the new Aviator Shop!

Here are just a few of the rewards our students have purchased:

Angel N : PCMS face mask

Chris C: Homework pass

Alex S: TWO tech/game passes

Ella J: Virtual field trip

Michaela C: Raffle ticket for gift card

Kingston N: One homework pass AND one raflle ticket

Ava J: Two raffle tickets

D.J. W: Pick a teacher hairdo

Tim D: Homework pass

Ayden A: Homework pass

Keep up the good work!!

Say Thanks! Nominate a Teacher

Cleveland Monsters - MonSTAR Teacher of the Month: MonSTAR Teacher of the Month recognizes outstanding educators in in Northeast Ohio who create a positive environment for their students and community. A panel of Monsters staff will select one nominee each month as the Cleveland Monsters MonSTAR Teacher of the Month.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Head of the Class: Head of the Class recognizes teachers in Northeast Ohio for making a difference in their students' lives both inside and outside the classroom. Head of the Class teachers must work to ensure the academic success of their students, be involved in their community and set an example for students and educators alike.

WGAR and Raising Cane's Teacher of the Week: Nominate a teacher now for Teacher of the Week! Each Friday, Wayne D will announce a Teacher of the Week during lunchtime. That teacher will win a $25 gift card to Raising Cane's!

Fox 8's Thanks to Teachers: . If you are a parent, student, or a local school district, nominate a Northeast Ohio teacher who has gone above and beyond for their students. It is important you include their district, grade they teach and why your teacher deserves recognition

Your PCM PBIS Team

Leah Walden: District Coordinator walden.leah@constellationschools.com

Todd Luecke: Building Coordinator luecke.todd@constellationschools.com

Judy Hayes : Tier 1 Coordinator hayes.judy@constellationschools.com

Molly Rehor : Tier 2 Coordinator rehor.molly@constellationschools.com

Kaila Phan: Data Analyst phan.kaila@constellationschools.com

Michelle Galmarini: Staff Liaison galmarini.michelle@constellationschools.com

Stephanie Shebestak: Family Liaison shebestak.stephanie@constellationschools.com