The All Star News

October Newsletter celebrating September!

Hello All Star!!

Here is what we have in this issue:
1. Team Chat on ZOOM!
2. Team Challenge! Sell Ten Bens! All About the Benjamins
3. Team Party Calendar WINNER for September
4. Let's Celebrate!

6. Team Westerhoff Fun Facts!

1. ZOOM Meeting for Team Westerhoff All Stars

Join us to chat about all the NEWS for November!

Tuesday, November 1st at 8:31pm!

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or Telephone:

Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 304 456 7222

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2. October Team Challenge! TEN BEN!

Let me know when you've sold TEN All About the Benjamins Wallets and you will get an extra All Star Postcard PLUS you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Gift Card!

This is the Customer Special and this challenge is something everyone is able to do this month at least once! It's for each 10 you sell, so when you've sold 20, or 30, you can get another postcard AND another entry for the Gift Card!

You will also be on the WALL OF FAME on our team's Facebook Group! Check out the group for a participation graphic and post when you've sold a BEN! Let's have fun celebrating!

3. Team Party Calendar! September Winner!

Did you know that we have a team party calendar? Did you also know that you get entries into a drawing? Did you know that you can entries each month when you put your parties on our calendar? YES! That's right! If you do not win, are you a loser? NO WAY! In this case, EVERYONE is a winner because you just built your business each time you go out and party! Sales at the party and future business in the form of bookings and new team members!

You can let me know when you are partying this fall and I will add your party to our calendars. You do not have to be on Facebook to participate, however, our calendars live on our Facebook Group for Team Westerhoff All Stars

You get 5 points for Home Parties, 2 points for Facebook Parties that have a presentation, and 1 point for all other events.

Our winner for September is SALLY MCFADDEN!

UPDATED REWARDS! You can get anything on that has a $100 value. If you want it immediately, choose something that has an "S" next to it as that means that it can be ordered as an eCard!
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This section is my favorite! I love to celebrate our activities and success from the previous month! We welcome new team members, celebrate those who shared our opportunity, those who partied, those who got qualified, as well as birthdays and anniversaries! That is not to say that there aren't lots of other things to be celebrated! I encourage you to celebrate EVERY DAY! Did you make a call? CELEBRATE! Did someone tell you no? CELEBRATE, because your yes is that much closer! Having a grateful heart and finding the WINS in each day will keep you motivated to keep moving forward!

WELCOME to our newest team members!

We are so glad you decided to join our team last month! We are cheering for you as you get started with your new business! Congratulations!

Tayler Wachob
sponsored by Kimberly DeClaire

Lisa Warren
sponsored by Jami Steimle

Melissa Shaughnessy
sponsored by Cecelia Borjas

Lisa Few
sponsored by Megan Self

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Let's CELEBRATE our START SWELL earners!

These consultants have recently earned these levels of Start Swell! If you are in your first 120 days, you are eligible to earn Start Swell Product Collections, Hostess Exclusives, $75 Product Credits, and $100 Recruiting Bonuses!

Level 1

Julie Ferrier
Shannon Wilson-Matesic

Level 3

Charlotte Kneafsey
Deena Hardin

Level 4
Emily Cruz -- SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to you, Emily, for earning ALL FOUR levels of Start Swell! Great work!

To learn more about Start Swell so that you can share how rewarding being a Thirty-One Consultant can be, click the links below.

Qualified Consultants!

These team members became qualified consultants last month. Qualified means that they have sold their first $1000! By becoming qualified, they've made at least $250 in commissions! When you sponsor someone who becomes qualified, she helps you earn Dream Reward points and count as a "PEQA" towards a possible promotion!

Deena Hardin

Dreambuilders - these ladies are growing their teams!

These ladies have sponsored at least one new team member last month. Congratulations on building your business!

Two PEQA and you promote to Senior Consultant!
Four PEQA and meeting PV and TS requirements, and you promote to Director!
PEQA = Personally Enrollend Qualified and Active Consultants on your team.

Megan Self

Kimberly DeClaire

Cecelia Borjas

Jami Steimle

Amanda Warren

Erika Knutson

Jill Walmer


Who will promote to Senior Consultant or Director in October?????
____________ <-------- Your name here???
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Party People!

The following team members had at least TWO parties last month!
Two average parties ($600 PV) is $300 in commissions!

When you submit 4 parties in one month, you earn a Team Westerhoff ALL STAR Postcard! Why four? That's one a week and the benchmark for growth in your business! I am rewarding you for growth!

Jill Walmer 12

Danielle Abbott 5

Kimberly DeClaire 4

Sue Morrell 4

Erika Knutson 3

Deena Hardin 3

Dana Mulvihill 3

Emily Cruz 2

Tina Fuller 2

Monika Nuffer 2

Sally McFadden 2

Kristin Kindred 2

Shannon Wilson-matesic 2

Top in Personal Volume - SALES!

These team members sold at least $600 (the amount of one average party) this month. The commission on $600 is $150! Let's increase that by you increasing your portion of that! What do you say? Want a bigger piece of this UNLIMITED PIE??

Congratulations on your best month ever, Jill! You killed it!

Jill Walmer $ 13,469.97

Kimberly DeClaire $ 3,657.97

Danielle Abbott $ 2,752.00

Beth Fisher $ 1,832.00

Erika Knutson $ 1,672.00

Sally McFadden $ 1,534.00

Deena Hardin $ 1,527.00

Sue Morrell $ 1,333.00

Veronica Yonge $ 1,193.00

Lauren Medina $ 1,032.00

Dana Mulvihill $ 1,021.00

Emily Cruz $ 1,005.00

Monika Nuffer $ 952.99

Melissa Duncan $ 871.00


Shannon Wilson-matesic $ 741.00

Jana Fraser $ 736.00

Kristin Kindred $ 716.00

Tina Fuller $ 678.00

Julie Ferrier $ 671.00

Cecelia Borjas $ 630.00

Tara Gonzales $ 622.00

$1000+ parties!!

WOOHOO! Congratulations to Jill, who had $1000+ party last month! Some of you were very close!
Help your hostess see how much MORE she earns when she has a $1200+ party! She earns $250 in free products, 3 half priced items, and ALL THREE Hostess Exclusives for FREE! That works out to be over $500 in free products!

Commission on $1200 is $300. What would you do with $300?

Jill Walmer $2715.00

Jill Walmer $1422.00
Beth Fisher $1416.00

Jill Walmer $1284.00
Jill Walmer $1245.00

Jill Walmer $1239.00

Jill Walmer $1229.00
Kim DeClaire $1219.00
Sally McFadden $1213.00
Veronica Yonge $1148.00
Jill Walmer $1050.00
Jill Walmer $1016.00

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Happy Thirty-Oneiversary!!


Jennifer Cesmat

Christine Barboa

Bree Hughes

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Wishing you an amazing day and birthday month!

May you be blessed on your birthday and in the coming year!

Terri Brachtenbach 2

Bethany Proctor 7

Deanna Kent 9

Lucy Blanco 12

Stephanie Caceres 12

Angie Sucich 17

Sherry Eppers 17

Christina Heinzmann 18

Erika Knutson 24

Julie Ferrier 25

Upcoming birthdays

Veronica Yonge 1

Cinthia AuBuchon 3

Tristan Gallegos 8

Brenda Kwang 10

Brooke Alumbaugh 11

Cecelia Borjas 13

Jill Goossen 20

Erica Segovia 25

Ashley Hursh 27


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REMINDER! Our ongoing, monthly postcard challenge is in effect! Here's how to earn postcards!

1. For each $1000+ party you submit, you will get an additional postcard. DOUBLE DIP on $1000+ PV in a month! I want to celebrate, encourage and reward you to help your hostess have a great party! Obviously you benefit, too!
2. When a new team member qualifies (sells her first $1000), she will get a post card! I want everyone to know right off the bat about our postcard incentive!
3. When someone earns any level of Start Swell, they will get a postcard! Yes, more DOUBLE DIPPING when that Start Swell not only gets them a postcard for SS, but also a postcard for qualifying. If their first party is $1000+, they can get up to FOUR postcards right off the bat! One for $1000+ PV, one for $1000+ party, one for qualifying and one for Start Swell! A strong start will be celebrated and rewarded!
4. Monthly Challenge! September is sell 10 All About the Benjamins and report it to me and you'll get another postcard!

5. RANDOM - I might notice you doing something encouraging on our Facebook Groups, or at a meeting, or whatever! It's the "I SAW THAT" reward! You never know when it's coming!

6. Team Westerhoff Fun Facts

New Team Members!

Lineage 41

Team 7

Me 0


Lineage 616

Team 81

Me 3

Personal Sales Volume

Lineage $295,514.38

Team $53,317.00

Me $3172.00

I've been THRILLED with my parties lately - PEOPLE ARE BUYING! Gifts, for themselves...this catalog is selling like hotcakes! Get out there and party, and you will get results!
We have such an amazing opportunity to take advantage of this fall! If you want help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly! My job is to support you in what YOU want to get out of your business!

Love & Hugs,


How to reach me!

If you have ANY questions, feel free to reach out to me! I do not have specific office hours because I love that my business is flexible and that I can take it on the road! My goal is to reply ASAP (often immediately!) but if not, within 48 hours. If for some reason I don't, it's likely I didn't get your message. You are not bothering me if you try again. You can also access my calendar here TIME TRADE to reserve a spot that works best for you!