GKMS 7th Grade Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 29th, 2021

Important Dates/Things to Know:

  • Monday 3/29 - 4th Quarter Begins

  • Thursday 4/1 - Report Cards Sent Home

  • Friday 4/2 - No School - Good Friday

  • Monday 4/5 - No School - Easter Monday


Remember when students are learning from home they should be active participants - sitting up, at a table or desk if possible, and participating in discussion.

Mrs. Ewald’s and Mrs. Fowler’s Reading and Language Arts

This week, students will read and analyze a couple of articles that go along with our unit 4 essential question, what effects do people have on the environment? They will read about “Styrofoam Eating Mealworms” as well as “Today’s Tech is Tomorrow’s Trash Problem.” They will also prepare for our unit 4 essential question essay by completing a graphic organizer. They will write the essay/constructed response on Thursday and Friday.


Course 2 students (2nd, 4th, 10th periods) will begin the second chapter of our Geometry unit. Our focus after Spring Break will be on Area and Circumference of Circles as well as the Area of Composite Figures.

Accelerated math students (3rd period) will begin the 4th quarter Analyzing and Solving Linear Equations. We will start by Combining Like Terms to Solve Equations, Solving Equations with Variables on both sides, and Solving Multi-Step Equations.

REVEAL math students (8th period) will begin our last quarter of the year working with Probability. We will explore Theoretical and Experimental Probability this week to get things started.


We will finish up Chapter 14 by taking a summative test. Then we will finish the week by starting our next unit, An Expanding Nation. This unit starts with Chapter 15, Manifest Destiny and the Growing Nation. We will start Chapter 15 by learning about the Louisiana Purchase.


March Mammal Madness will come to an end this week with the results of the Championship battle being shared on Thursday. Who will reign supreme?!?!?!?

The rest of the week will be spent preparing for our genetics summative on Thursday, April 1st. Study guides will be assigned on Monday.

Thank you for your continued support and communication! We can truly succeed by all working together.