May 2015

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Welcome to the May edition of the Free and Easy Newsletter.

Maths and English are always seen as a priority here at Middlesbrough College, so here are some examples of English and Maths tools that have been showcased in the past.

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BBC Bitesize

Bitesize this is a great revision tool for GCSE Students, it cover Maths and English as well as other subjects.

Maths is broken down into three sections. These are; ‘Revise’, ‘Activity’ and ‘Test’. In the “Revise” section it gives an explanation of how to work out the question, then gives a Question for the learner to work out on paper, they can then reveals the answer. “Activity” This is an interactive video explaining the area that the learner is looking at, give them a question to answer. “Test” gives the learner change to see what they have remembered, with a number of questions. However if the learner get an answer wrong, it explains what to do and gives the correct answer.

Bitesize covers English Literature and English.

English Literature has all of the texts that are studied at GCSE. Within the topics is information about the areas of the book that a learner are studying. It is then broken down further into ‘Revision, Video and Test”. The videos are a recap of what they have been looking at while studying the books and they have question. On the "Test" if a question is answered incorrectly, an explanation is given as to why it is incorrect and how to work out the right answer.

English is also in different topics, then it is broken up into Revise and Test

Macbeth plot summary


This is a helpful tool that covers a wide variety of maths subjects. It is a website that you can send your learners off to and feel confident that they will not sit stuck on a question.

The student can choose a topic or one can be set. Once they have found the subject area then are given a question, with the space for an answer. If a question is answered correctly, it says just that, however answering a question incorrectly shows a breakdown as to how the question should be answered. This is broken down into three sections, where the first is ‘review’ the question is shown again with the learners answer, next is “remember” what is needed to be done. The last is “Solve” this is the breakdown of how to answer the question.

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This is a great way of finding out about words. You can enter a word in the search engine or just click the random button. The word you have entered is shown as a spider-diagram, from the word there are things that are associated words, such as meaning, opposite and other words that mean the same. There is a key down the left side that explains what the different arrows, lines and colours mean for example.

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If you have any questions or suggestions of things we can feature in Free and Easy - or if you have a tool that you love using - let us know!

Drop in to see us in room 1.014A or drop an email to our E-Learning Technologist, Michael Egan, or Digital Facilitator, Steph Hughes using the info below.