Digital Citizenship

Digital footprint & Reputation

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What is a digital footprint

Your digital footprint is your online reputation. Your footprint can be changed by a lot of different things that are posted on the internet. The information posted on the internet can be posted by you, or posted by other people about you. Once something is posted online, it is always going to be part of your digital footprint.
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Digital Footprint - What Digital Footprint Are You Leaving Online?
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Target - A person who is the object of an intentional action

Offender - A person who has malicious intent to hurt

Upstander - A person who stands up for the target

Bystander - A person who watches it happen but does nothing

Online Ethics- A set of principals and morals about peoples behavior as it relates to the internet.

Digital Citizenship - Digital citizenship is how you act online good or bad. be a good citizen

Self-Image & Identity

There's no doubt that digital media plays a major role in the average students life. It can be good for students. There are a lot of websites that help with homework and help study for tests. There also many things that you can do to enjoy yourself. Some of them are, youtube, gaming sites, and chatrooms. Some of these great things can also be bad. A chatroom can be fun or it can be filled with hostility. A big problem with these sites is the people trying to be different than they really are. In chat rooms they may be acting like a thug, but in reality they are softer than pillows. They are called keyboard warriors. The internet can distort your true identity in many different ways.
I.D. / self :: the new "real"
This video shows how he can take on whatever personality he wants and no one will know if its true or not.

Relationships and communication

There are pros and cons to meeting people online. One pro is meeting new friends that are really cool and fun to hang out with. You can also meet people who can help you out in real life. A con to meeting people online would be people being able to judge you and you couldn't even do anything about it. People could also take screenshots of your conversation and send it to people at your school.
Feeling on Display
Image - A Representation of someone or something such as a photograph or drawing.

Double standard - a rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people


Cyberbullying is a huge issue in todays society. People cyberbully because they can't do anything about it. There is also a lot more possibility that there will not be an up-stander. The importance of an up-stander is huge. Without an up-stander, the victim will continue to get bullied and nothing will happen. By being an up-stander, you would tell the bully to back off. By doing this, if will take a lot of pressure off of the victim. Be careful to not start cyberbullying the bully though.