13.1 Getting Ready For Sales

Marketing 1

#1 Getting Ready To Sell

Its easy to gain produce knowledge if you know where to locate product info.Products being promoted are generally moved to a location in the retail store that is visible. the most basic feature of a product is its intended use.

#2 Merchandising

It involves coordination os sales and promotional plans with buying and pricing. The right place,time, price,and quantity are consided when displaying products.

#3 Product Features

Product features are basic physical,or extended altributes of the product or purchase. When a product is new,explaining why customers would need such a product requires educating them about it.

#4 Selling Points

Selling points is created by mothing the function of a product feature &explaning how it benefits a customer. Selling points are the result of the product analysis used in feature-benefit selling.

#5 Prospecting

Looking for new custormers. Prospecting is especially imporant in organizarional selling situations. Any salesperson or businesses and that wants to expand a customer base might use some of the following prospecting techniques.
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