Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 15

December 7-December 11

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


It has been quite a week! Thank you all for supporting each other and me! 5 days in and 10 to go until winter break! The next 10 days will fly by, but please remember a few things:

  • If you adopted a family, get presents into the conference room for pick up by the 8th!
  • Let parents know about winter parties on the 18th (no more than 30 mins please)
  • Attend Holiday Shop if you can!
  • Come to the staff Holiday party Saturday night!
  • Give out coins for ARMS so we can fill up the snowman's belly and bottom!
  • Keep doing your FAST progress monitoring!
  • Come to the baby shower on Friday :)
  • Supervise, supervise, supervise
  • We have a full PD planned on the 9th, so be in the library by 1:45, please.
  • Have an awesome weekend!

Take 90 seconds to read the "5 Things.." post below. I am TRYING to keep those in mind as your leader as we continually focus on our culture, communication, and collaboration!

Take 11 minutes if you have them to watch "Kids Deserve It"! They discuss ways to challenge yourself in December. Who doesn't need a challenge?

Monday December 7

7:45 Academic Data Team (ADT) w/ Carrie, Jenni, Ardie, Danielle, Lisa, Holly/Lauren, Jodi, Ellen, Becca, Becky in conf room

8:00 Parent meeting re: student w/Kate and Danielle

8:30-10:30 Jim Pedersen coaching visit

8:50 2nd grade Math PLC

9-12 Effective Summer School Programming workshop @ AEA (Lisa/Jenni)

10:50 4th grade Math PLC

12:20 1st grade Math PLC

1:20 Kindergarten Math PLC

2:20 5th grade Math PLC

5:30- 7:00 Rock-It Family Math Night

6:00 School board meeting

Tuesday December 8

7:45 Behavior Data Team for Carrie, Jenni, Danielle, Ardie, Amber, Brooke, and Lisa

8:30 Weekly school-wide assembly

9:50 3rd grade Math PLC

1:30-3:30 Admin meeting at Admin Center for Lisa

2:00 Preschool Math PLC

Wednesday December 9

8:00 Balanced calendar meeting w/Theron & Mike at NA

12:00 PS Early release

1:10 K-5 early out

1:45-4:00 Professional development at NA in library

(Rock It kids on field trip to Books a Million and Happy Joes)

Thursday December 10

9:00 Morning meetings recording with Colleen

1:00 Weekly instructional coaches meeting with Jenni and Carrie

2:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Becca & Jenni

Friday December 11

7:45 Monthly NA/AEA SPED meeting w/Brooke, Amber, Jodi, Ellen, Peg, Ardie, Debbie, Lisa

9:30 Weekly counseling meeting with Danielle

10:45 Weekly office staff meeting

1:30 Elementary principals' meeting

3:30 Kyrie and Trisha's baby shower