2nd Grade Social Studies Unit

Economics and Financial Literacy Integration Unit

2.E.1.1 How do businesses in the community effect the needs and wants of consumers?

I can explain the difference between a want and a need.

I can give examples of businesses in my community.

I can identify resources used to to meet the needs and wants of consumers.









natural resources

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Already at a very young age, William Kamkwamba dreamed of building things like radios and trucks, and then taking them apart. As a teenager, driven by hunger pangs induced by drought and the resulting devastation to Malawi's crops, William dreamed of building a windmill to produce electricity and pump water.

He decided he would go to the library down the road and learn how to turn those dreams into reality. So he worked hard and used those library books to teach himself how to build a windmill. The village people thought William was crazy when they saw him playing around with a bunch of trash. Could such a rudimentary contraption really make a difference?

This picture book version of the adult best seller shines the spotlight on an inspiring teen who worked hard against all odds to bring electricity and water to his village. The compelling story provides an opportunity to introduce young learners to a number of economics concepts, including scarcity, natural resources, and innovation. One can only hope that more projects such as the one started by William will reduce the vulnerability of people in developing countries to drought and hunger.

Concepts: innovation; natural, human, and capital resources; scarcity.

Click the link below to read the book online

Mission from Outer Space

Help Sandy and George send a transmission to Earth for Supplies!

Heres their brainstorm of supplies!

Can you help them out?

Write a letter to President of the United States on behalf of Sandy and George requesting supplies they need!

Dear President of the United States,

I have fulfilled my duty and created a list of supplies that Sandy and George need in order to survive on their new planet.....

  • ....
  • ....
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

They need all these things because....

If you have extra resources, send them.(ONE THING) because they want it for(GIVE REASON)

You can find these things at the following businesses in my community:

  • (business)
  • (business)
  • (business)




These Kids Have Changed the World...And You Can Too

Just like Sandy and George, people in our community and in communities all over the world have needs and wants, just like us! Here are some kids who have thoughtfully discovered the needs of others (consumers) and found resources and ways to produce good to meet their needs!

Can you think of a group or someone in your community in need?

What can you do to help (produce) a good to meet their need?

Ryan Hreljac

In 1998, 6-year-old Ryan Hreljac was shocked to learn that children in Africa had to walk many kilometers every day just to fetch water. Ryan decided he needed to build a well for a village in Africa. By doing household chores and public speaking on clean water issues, Ryan’s first well was built in 1999 at the Angolo Primary School in a northern Ugandan village. Ryan’s determination led to Ryan’s Well Foundation, which has completed 667 projects in 16 countries, bringing access to clean water and sanitation to more than 714,000 people. Currently, Ryan is a 20-year-old college student at University of King’s College in Halifax.

2009 Interview with Ryan Hreljac

Katie Stagliano

In 2008, 9-year-old Katie Stagliano brought a tiny cabbage seedling home from school as part of the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program. As she cared for her cabbage, it grew to 40 pounds. Katie donated her cabbage to a soup kitchen where it helped to feed more than 275 people. Moved by the experience of seeing how many people could benefit from the donation of fresh produce to soup kitchens, Katie decided to start vegetable gardens and donate the harvest to help feed people in need. Today, Katie’s Krops donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce from numerous gardens to organizations that help people in need. Katie is now a 12-year-old student at the Pinewood Preparatory School in Summerville, S.C.

Members Project: Katie's Krops