CCC Library Newsletter

Mrs. Williams - November 2018

Honoring Veterans in our CCC Library

After checking out books, students were able to color Veteran's Day coloring pages. With some classes I explained how important November 11 is in both American and Polish history. In Poland, November 11 is our Independence Day. It's a very special day as on November 11, 1918 World War I ended and Poland became a country again after 123 years of being gone from the map.
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Our military books were displayed this week and students learned where to find them in the library- call number 355.

Becoming a US Citizen

After 12 years of being a Permanent Resident I finally became a U.S. Citizen! I took my Oath at Sacramento Convention Center. There were over 962 applicants from 82 countries. I believe I was the only one from Poland! I'm proud to be an American Citizen now!
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Your Library Manners Matter

Students showing exceptional library manners (e.g. using library voices, waiting their turn, listening, reading at their assigned table) were rewarded with a book this month in the library. Students get to keep their reward books. I will also continue rewarding students next month. So far over 60 students were already rewarded. Pictures of some reward books are shown below.