Helping Kids who are worried about COVID-19

This afternoon, my typically level-headed, kind 8-year-old screamed some pretty unkind words at his 5-year-old sister. My knee jerk reaction was to call him out but instead, I pulled him aside and asked him how he was feeling. He was immediately in a puddle and spewed some worries about getting Coronavirus. Many of our kids have been hearing about COVID-19 for months now, from friends, on the news, and at home, and while they might not know how to appropriately express their feelings about the situation, they might be holding on to some pretty strong worries. Schools are closed, kids are out of their comfortable routines, which can contribute to a lot of worries.

Below are 15 things we can do to talk to kids about Coronavirus and help them manage these big worries they might be holding on to:

1. Be available to talk

2. Limit News exposure

3.Stick to your routines and boundaries

4.Set and Track daily goals

5.Start or continue mindfulness practice

6.Practice Controlled breathing

7.Try progressive muscle relaxation

8. Use grounding strategies

9. Set a timer

10.Exercise creativity

11. Use a journal or feelings tracker

12. Acknowledge the worries

13. Avoid participating in worry rituals

14. Avoid excessive reassurance

15.Be mindful of your own worries

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