The Philippines

Created by:Taelor Herrington,Dylan Boozer,and David Boles

Physical features - By:Taelor Herrington

1.The valleies there are beautiful they have pretty green grass and have big mountains that looks like it has steps.

2.the plains there are wide and are clear for miles.

3.the plateau are very famous there and they take you on tours around the plateau.

Climate - By:Taelor Herrington

1.The Philippines are most popular during the dry season between November and April

2.It is also a good time during the cooler months of December and February.

Government - By:Dylan Boozer

Type: Republic

Role of citizens: Pay your tax,follow traffic rules,and many more.

Economy - By:David Boles

Economic system:The economic system in the Philippines is mixed. A mixed economic system allows a level of private economic freedom.


August 29 is the day is the day of Heroes. One big tradition is Christmas.

Place to visit BY:DYLAN

I would like to visit the San AGUSTIN CHURCH.It is really Big and it looks really nice.

Place to visit-TaelorHerrington

I picked boracay because it tons of stuff you can do.