The Weekly Surge

January 19th, 2016

Mid-January Weather Is The Pits

The Austin team is dealing with 50+ degree weather, which I'm sure Austinites find somewhat "chilly." Don't worry though. Your weather will shape up sooner than Elgin's arctic swoon.

The Elgin team is currently building igloos (well, not really) in a deep freeze with the temperature constantly hovering around 0 degrees or less. But hey... today it's supposed to be a heatwave and reach 15 degrees. Brrrr!

More importantly though, both locations have events on the horizon. More details to come soon!
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Employee Spotlight For This Week

This week our employee spotlight turns to Paul Thompson in Elgin, IL.

Here's what he tells us about himself:

My Role: I provide Manufacturing Technical Support for One Components Business.

Job Likes: I enjoy working with factory team members and associates. Repairing equipment, calibration, maintenance and process control.

Outside Work: Working out at the gym, reading, racquetball and helping others.

Length of Employment: 7 Years

Favorite Food(s): Healthy

Vanilla or Chocolate: Strawberry.

If You Could Be A Superhero, What Super Powers Would You Want To Have:

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Describe Yourself In Three Words: Kind, Considerate, Confident

Thank you Paul Thompson, for all that you do to support the efforts of the Hubbell Lighting Components Business Team!

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Don't Forget About Joining The TRP/HCS Water Cooler On Facebook

We've got more pics to share! Please join our Private Group the TRP/HCS Water Cooler. No one outside the group can see what's shared there, it's just for us. All Elgin and Austin TRP and HBA employees are invited. Click the link to join, and our MarCom team will admit you!
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